January 24, 2009

Leave the Life You Know

I can barely draw, does using a body stencil count? I can sew, but it never comes out as planned, it could be because I'm impatient. It's so often thrown around, "passion for fashion" well, that's practically what it is for me. This obsession with clothes and beauty. It's sickening really if you think about it...

Ok so right off the bat, I'll give it to you straight, I'm not the greatest writer, or the greatest story teller, but I've decided to make a blog because I'm finally living the life I've always imagined. I may not have everything I've always aimed for but I surely am on my way, that I am confident to say, and I want to share it, possibly to inspire for someone else to do the same and consider "leaving the life that you know to grow".

Within a year, I've researched, googled and harassed students from other schools I don't really know to get a feel of where the right school would be for me. I've considered it before, leaving town and do my "thang", but it's always been just a thought. Well, if only I've known before that Winnipeg is not the only place for me to get what I want. Silly me, I was in denial going to University, studying Linguistics (what the hell? Not me...) and then Marketing, a little more me business wise but academically, c'mon, for the ones that really know me. I'm not dumb people, I'm just not a textbook kind of gal, and University is all about papers. I was looking for hands on work, a college perhaps? Bah, colleges are for losers that cant survive university (or so was my perception at the time, so don't be too offended).

And so, my research continued. I knew what I wanted but it still was too broad. I wanted to have a kick ass career in fashion, so I thought a model, I know right, I turned down offers. (haha, I wish.) Or a fashion designer, like I said before, I'm not the best seamstress. So that was it, I thought the fashion industry consisted of only models and fashion designers. What now?? Where do I belong!? And that was where I researched who the hell was behind the scenes of fashion shows and all that makes fashion so desirable. Interesting right? SHA-BAANG! My passion grew even more and more...emersed in magazines, fashion blogs, retail store level research, all of it. I thought to myself that this is a career that I can see myself doing, where it'll never feel like work because I'll have so much passion for it. Merchandising store level or regional and then move on to public relations for designers, I will go wherever I need to go to make it happen. You never know what happens in 5 years.

So a year later, I've moved out of my small home town of Winnipeg 648, 000...I just googled that number, and just thinking about it, that's not so small. I guess when you know a place from north to west, east to south, it seems small cause you explored everything it has to offer already. I've lived in Toronto for 3 weeks now, and I must say, what a great start to a new year. December was a 5 minute dream, I never really noticed I was living in Toronto, since today, yes today, after 3 weeks, reality hits. It's definitely because I had the support and help of my sister to help me transition into this whole new chapter in my life and aswell as my boyfriend, such great support and love.

And so, my first night alone in this apartment of mine, my own place. It's quiet here...but the city's alive.


milli said...

nigga's unite!!!! nice blog loser =]

milli said...

the city's alive, lets all go onto humber yall *all in hick accent

jk, im really happy for you. im your first blog follower =] you better write in this shit at least once a week little mullet.

see ya

Romelee said...

Yahmeh passed along the site addy to me. Meow you have your own way with words my little peanut. Hope your new nest is comfy! See you again soon! Always proud of you :)

Rowrow said...

one follower, haha you loser, but thanks!
Humber is not hick dude, it's ghetto!
Remember what I told you!

Thanks Ate, your my scariest critic when it comes to any form of writing...we all know who the writer is in the family. I miss you and I'm going to Pacific Mall to day with some friends, anything stupid and weird i can get you, text me! (it's been said that this mall has so many little asian packed stores that they all look alike and people are annoyed, and I already know I'm going to love it!!)

love you both!

Rowrow said...

ps milli!
Humber recieved 15,000 applications for the business program alone this year and only accepted 10,000.

Of those 15,0000 applications 3500 were fashion art applications.

Of those 3500 fashion art applications, they only take in 200 students a year, 50 in September and 150 in January. I was accepted in September, YO! :) I'm feeling pretty good about this one.

AND YES FRIEND, I will update weekly! =) haha.