July 11, 2010

Sale Wear - Aritzia

The military look has been splattered everywhere since Balmain showcased it last year and its been proving to have lasting power with little changes along the way to update your wardrobe. Update your military look with Aritzia's Wilfred Tye-Dye Romper, which is on sale! It has the summer vibe with it's tye-dye detail and its draw string will cinch your waste beautifully. Top it off with the essential military blazer by Balmain and add edge with Pebble Stone Vintage Doc's and frilly ankle socks for the juxtaposition of pretty and hard edged. Complete the look with the coveted PS1 Icon tan suede Proenza Schouler messenger bag.

Image Source: Aritzia.com

From Two Months

Where do I begin to write the details of the last two months? My last entry was May 14 so I'll continue from my birthday which was May 20. I'm not one to party and drink without close family and friends and since I was not in my home town to celebrate my birthday I went to Canada's Wonderland with my sister, sister's boyfriend and cousin. I relived my childhood memories and placed aside all my worries and entered the gates of Wonderland with one goal in mind, to ride the Behemoth and snag myself a Domo. After plenty of rides at the Drop Tower due to no line ups, regrettably spending $15 for a burger for lunch, burning under the scorching sun and successfully snagging a Domo after a fierce game of Whack a Mole -we called it a day and went home happy.
Right before my birthday I was in the midst of rounding up a good handful of interviews after finishing school with a couple of different companies all involving visual merchandising and with great thought I returned to a company I know and love, Aritzia.

Summary of June: My family was in town for an amazing two weeks for my convocation. The day of my graduation it was with great pleasure and a surprise that Jeanne Becker was going to be present. Jeanne was awarded with an Honorary Degree for her many accomplishments and influence in the fashion industry, in which she gracefully received. I graduated with Honors in Fashion Arts and I am very proud to say that I have accomplished what I came here in Toronto to do and with so many opportunities out there, I'm ready to snag the one that I feel will benefit my career in the long run. This summer has been amazing so far, with work and my internship at the magazine and for now, I'm taking it all in and enjoying my summer after 17 straight months in school -this breather is well deserved.

May 14, 2010

Street Obsessions

More than anything else this fall season I'm looking to play with texture from brocades, to crocheted lace, from fur to playing with a gauge of knits. More and more, I've been admiring the simplicity of dressing and the occasional primary colours popping out. Anyone who really knows me, I'm a black, white and grey kind of gal. Secretly Gothic. ha. Lately, I've been obsessed with the combination of black, khaki, olive green and gun metal coloured accessories. Sound familiar? Indeed it is the fashion house, Balmain that has me hooked, and so is the rest of the fashion world with army inspired dressing. I suppose with the influence of interning at a fashion magazine I have the privileged to see and touch such wonderful pieces that I can't help to be inspired by everything that comes in. I thought tribal was way off how I would dress, but I'm finding myself gravitating towards tribal prints for this summer. Just a tad bit to revamp the wardrobe. What are you looking forward to this summer now that the heat is rising? or even more exciting, your desired Fall wear and accessories?


May 12, 2010

This is St.Tropez

♥ Karl! I now have a girl crush on Leigh Lezark, and even more so with Abbey Lee and Freja. Baptiste looked like a mannequin, unreal, what a babe, and Magdalena Frackowiak is so adorable! I love models and Karl. Looks like Karl jumped on the ban wagon for placing plus size models. Crytal Renn is so gorgeous!

May 08, 2010

fall campaigns, bring it on!

Give us something new to look forward too! Millions of dollars are poured into promoting a fashion houses ad campaigns, I'm just happy that they're leaving the majority of fashion ads to models not celebs. Don't get me started on perfume ads. I can understand why fashion houses are looking to get exposure by placing an ad with a celebrity, but I don't buy it, go away Hollywood. And so, back to the fall campaigns, Givenchy is the first to release their fall/winter campaign and it's getting me very excited. Mariacarla Boscono is once again taking part for the campaign which makes me want to get rid of my layers, part my hair, stay away from the sun, look pale and sport some fire red lips. J'adore Mariacarla! She is the stark image of cool to me. What do you think about Givenchy's fall campaign? It always feels like a cult, a cool crowd that you're dying to be a part of, at least I am.


May 06, 2010

shoe fanatics, meet Raphael Young

If you don't already know him, shame on you for thinking you're a shoe fanatic. Besides the fact that he is seriously talented and his background training is proof of it (and I suppose the fact that his uncle designed shoes for YSL helped) his designs are avant garde and never conforms to trends. His inspiration for his fall collection included Star Trek meeting the 80's. I'm not a fan of Star Trek, but I'm head over heels for the 80's. His collection has always combined architectural edge and killer height. He captured my heart further by including wedged booties. Yum. The heels of the shoes remind me of icebergs in space, I suppose the construction was intentional to relate to Star Trek... Anyway... What do you think of his designs?


Zara Lookbook summer 2010

I've been obsessing over Miu Miu's spring/summer 2010 prints hoping and wishing that Zara would replicate the cats and swallow bird prints and surely enough, they have. I've been popping in and out of every Zara store I've come across and until today, I discovered a couple pieces from their lookbook in store, with minimal sizes available. With much anticipation, I grabbed everything that was Miu Miu inspired and tried them on. Verdict: All fails. The picture above didn't even have the collars, which is supposed to be the best part!!! And the one navy summer dress I tried on with swallows was made out of jersey, with a raw edge, and was a very unflattering length for me. All in all, it was not worth the effort of altering and the quality turned me off even more so. I suppose the real deal will only suffice...



How amazing is this!? My cousin Renyl sketched it out of photoshop. Ahhh-mazing. I've been pushing him to create a website that shows all his growth, progress and completed projects, but he mentioned that he actually has his work posted online on four different design sites. I'll try to grab the wen sites from him next time I get a chance to talk to him.

May 03, 2010

Pierre Hardy for Gap Fall 2010

This collaboration is ahhhh-mazing! I'm trying to contain myself, it's midnight.

Pierre Hardy for Gap Spring 2010

I'm a sucker for wedges! May 10, let the hunt begin.


h&m fall 2010

Fall Must have: Shearling coat, Burberry Prorsum inspired.
With the weather turning up, I've been grabbing my basics white cotton t-shirt, denim cut offs. I can't help but look ahead to see what stores are going to be "inspired" this fall. They look expensive, but the line is completely affordable! I've been trying not to dress to seasons and just stick to my basics and revamp it year round with some trendy accessories or seasonal colours, but I'm a sucker for change.


for the month of may

For me, May has always been about patio parties, bbq's, Friday night liquor games, dancing your pants off, or in my case making a fool out of myself by attempting to replicate dance moves from Ms. Sunico. (ha) and pretty much everything that summer is supposed to fee like. Back home, there's only two months of summer, and you really have to make the most of it. Time flys and the massive June event has always been The Red River Ex since I was a little girl. Oh, Winnipeg. I miss your simplicity.
I'm excited to share that I'm graduating in June and my whole family is coming to Toronto to cheer me on. Let's hope the auditorium has enough seats. With my family coming in June, I'm not expecting to go home anytime soon. I need to continue to make my mark here and find employment. ha. With school over, I'm interning for the mean time until something fabulous comes around. Until then, I really just want to take the time and enjoy the precious time that I have until work life begins. I've been on the go since moving to Toronto and I feel like now that my schedule is winding down, I can breath and really enjoy what I've accomplished. Breath easy...

Until then, 40 days until the boyfriend is here.
Have a great week everyone!


April 30, 2010

mini lion

Batman, love of my life...

give me the world

Freedom day one. It's a different sort of happiness.
School is over and I feel I accomplished what I came here to do.
What's next? Stay tuned.

As for grad gift ideas... all that is missing is a deep basket at the front.

April 19, 2010


5 Exams, 1 Project, 16°C Outside: this is not looking good.
I've really done everything to avoid studying and working on my project. What exactly? Beats me, I just know that I've been spending way too much money that I do not have. How come my rants always turns into an issue that deals with money? Dear lord. It's 2am. This can't be good. Anyways, the pressure is on to really brag about something fantastic to my parents when they witness my convocation ceremony in June. I am proud to say that I had a rather interesting and successful (err) interview with an amazing company, but fingers crossed on that one.

So, plans after graduating... I want to travel. I always say that but I think it's time to really commit and save money to just up and leave. Yet again I'm torn because I know I should be working to save money and pay off my student loans *yikes* ... I say you only live once, so spend for the moment. Right? ha. Here I am justifying my purchases and I'm finding myself returning more things than ever before. Rarely do I ever experience buyers remorse, but since I'm spending moolah that I don't have, second thoughts kick in. Like today... a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Days like this, you can't be cooped up! I assured myself I would stroll downtown, sip my Americano and simply, people watch. A free activity. Once again, coffee in one hand and a dangerous loose wallet in the other, I went home with two shirts, hair product, a long jersey dress, and black flats (it was an exchange!!). Horrible right? I think that's what prompted me to sell my preloved clothes. (check it out here!) So here I am, thinking what else I can sell to pay off the bills. ha.

And that above is going to be me starting April 21-April 29.
Well, have a great weekend! I'm going to hustle for the next two weeks... bah.


April 11, 2010



March 31, 2010

Pour La Victoire lux


March 30, 2010

words of wisdom

"When you’re young and trying to get noticed, you have to hustle. Put your best foot forward and always be ready for whatever opportunities may come. If you don’t, you’re wasting your time overpaying your landlord, and you might as well move to southern California and get a nice tan. New York is a town full of hungry people, that are brilliantly talented, unique, and determined, who came here with voices that want to be heard, and you have to believe that they’re all working much harder than you are."
Dan Martensen, Photographer

"Being open and pushing myself. I am always open to new ideas, unique ideas and different viewpoints. And the best part is you never know where these ideas come from: I love speaking with everyone, listening to everything and watching it all. I can be inspired by everything from music to art to food. And I am always pushing myself to learn and do something new and embrace what’s next. In the end, isn’t that what fashion should be all about?"
Joe Zee, Creative Director, Elle magazine

"Curiosity. I want to know why designers do what they do, why one suit can cost $4,999 and another costs $49.99, why one designer succeeds and another fails over and over again, why an editor has the power to change fashion, and why people buy so many more clothes than they could possibly need. After 13 years of asking these questions, I’m still curious."
Eric Wilson, Fashion Journalist, The New York Times

"It’s a combination of things. For me, working hard, following my instincts and having really supportive people in my life have all contributed to what I have achieved so far. I lost my father almost four years ago, and that also affected things for me. I really wanted to work hard and make him proud of me, and it also reminded me that life is short. It’s important to spend your time doing the things you love most and living passionately."
Pamela Love, Jewelry Designer


March 23, 2010

March 16, 2010

Face Off: Givenchy v.s J.Campbell in wedges

Is it evil to say that I was actually waiting for Jeffery Campbell to rip these babies off the runway? The majority who purchase Jeffery Campbell know that he's notrious for ripping off designer shoes (ie: Acne wedges, Burberry Prorsum treaded booties, to Chanel clogs) but I've been in love with the Givenchy spring 2010 wedges since they debuted last year, and I'm pretty impressed! I'm simply obsessed with wedges! To be decked out in Givenchy would be a dream but to own a pair of those delicious wedges would be enough to satisfy me for the year. (yes, the year. I am materialistic, and I am not ashamed.) Unfortunately, I could not locate the actual price of the original but the Jeffrey Campbell is priced at $120 a pop. I'm excited and not ashamed of this one. What do you think, it's obvious Givenchy is superior in every aspect and detail, but what do you think about the replica?

March 13, 2010

decision to live fast and die young

With the success of last weekend’s warm merino wool worthy weather, I was looking forward to another sunny weekend of people watching while sipping my delish Americano up and down Queen to Younge. Unfortunately, the warm weather was perfect to conjure up some rainy weather the following week. I'm completely fine with rain, but with mixed with wind, it becomes a challenge. Wet dog smell and drenched clothes is not attractive, unless you have an umbrella that's safe from being flipped inside out, then all you need are your rain boots. Have fun, I'll be staying in and shopping online...

I had a fairly eventful day yesterday. On Friday's I'm usually interning and attempting to dress to impress is always a must. (unless it's a lazy day and decide to wear a denim vest, wow... that's me on my first day interning at a fashion magazine. Biker boots, Margiela inspired tee with horses and a denim vest and blunt bangs. hahah ew. What was I thinking. I admit, I felt edgy that day.) Anyways, after interning I headed straight to my friends place to have a bit of wine and just enjoy a girls night out. After two bottles of wine, gossip, magazine digging and fashion related job hunting online, we wobbled over to the Village to get a couple more drinks. I have the lowest tolerance for liquor, so I was already sporting the heavy eyes. After drinks and Cajun fries I headed back to my friends place to pick up my newly purchased sewing machine. Given that the liquor had yet to settle, I looked like a mess lugging around a stack of magazines and a sewing machine in the middle of the night in the rain. One hour later, a couple of dirty stares and awkward smiles, I was home. I'm happy it's the weekend...even with the rain.

Have a great weekend!