June 28, 2009

What I'm Into Right Now...

Raphael Young - architecturally and geometrically inspired shoe designer, it's no wonder where he got his talent from, his uncle contributed shoe designs for YSL. This is my wedding shoe! Ha, not really but this shoe would be killer in any muted outfit, and the shoe itself would be the main event.

Geraldine Saglio - Assistant Stylist to Fashion Director Emmanuelle Alt for French Vogue. She has legs for days and plays it up so well, now if only I could hack those 4 inch heels as easily. I'm also in love with her clothing choices of rotating sheer tights, cigarette jeans, wide legged jeans, or bare legs. Either way she looks effortless and chic.

Stephen Webster - Jewellery designer. I like his peices because their a bit more rough and devilish and I could care less that Christina Aguilara is the main sponsor at the moment, I still want to own a piece of his jewellery one day...

Paul Frank - who remembers PF? I wasn't a total fan compared to Hello Kitty as a child but, this bike is pretty sweet for the beach and downtown errands, no?

The September Issue


June 25, 2009

Personal Day off with Elle

I took a personal day off today from school. I worked a late shift and decided it's best that I sleep in and get some rest and a full 8 hour sleep rather than go to school looking disheveled and over worked. No biggie. So I decided to have a WTF Day with my sister. What is that you ask? It's feasting on chocolate, chips, jello and pretty much anything that is a usual no-no. (eating is so last year, haha-kidding)

So while my sister was writing and working on her novels, I was carefully shifting through my US Elle magazine, ritually going straight to Kate Lanphear's style section (my idol) and couldn't get over the wicked looks she pulled for July's issue; metalheads, studs, slashed jeans and glam biker accessories. I think Kate loved doing this editorial because it is exactly how she dresses; black, metal, punk, androgynous, leather bad ass.

I scanned them bad boy pages for you as my gift.

Personal favs: Denim Jacket, Goat Skin Sleeve - Alexander Wang
Silver Icarus ring - Gregg Wolf
Crystal embroidered suede dress - Balmain
Sunglasses - Gucci
Leather and PVC platform booties Rupert Sanderson for Karl Lagerfeld

June 20, 2009

rain rain

I've never been fond of rain. It sucks out all my energy and I become sour and short tempered. BAH!

June 18, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Just when H&M released Mathew Williamson's collaborated collection this year, Jimmy Choo recently announced their up and coming collabo with mega giants H&M. Time for another mad dash to the stores and check out whatever's left over. Can't afford the real deal? This is a sure win for the aspiring lux seekers. If only I could break into heels as easy as sneakers. Pain is beauty right?

Image source: http://cyanatrendland.com

June 16, 2009

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu

I love it, I want it, I got to have it...
I'm not a huge fan of red, but this made my day!

image source: http://www.fashionologie.com

June 13, 2009

Give me Fall!

I know summer has only begun, but after coming across this photo of Heidi and Kaisa both from Helsinki, they got me psyched for winter!!! I have this love hate relationship with summer. Experience summer in Winnipeg and you will understand, yeh-yeh there are way hotter and humid areas around the world, but I'm comparing to what I know, and sometimes summer is way too brutal for me. The "love" part is dressing up in cute dresses, all the sandals that hibernated in that dark closet all winter get to peak out and play show and tell and lastly, wearing shades on a daily, instant celebrity! (ha) The bonus is, now that I live in Toronto I'm hoping that it's not as humid. It is now June and since Toronto has a population 14 times the size of Winnipeg, I'm feeling the heat! Street cars are jammed with sticky stinky people. The buses are ok, but when the driver besides to be frugal with AC I melt. The subway is not bad either. Summer has only begun, I wish I could go back to Winnipeg for a bit; road trips or go to the beaches. I'm still rooting for fall!
e: http://www.hel-looks.com

BONUS: I am envious of it all!
Her colour palette is so delicious!

Drooling for H&M's Fall09 Divided Line

I am so psyched for H&M's exclusive Fall 09 collection for their Divided Line!!! I screamed! These are completely affordable pieces, unfortunately for me, being a full time student has left me broke and working part time is not enough to supply my essentials in life (ie: weekend shopping sprees). Now all I need is a master card! These are some serious pieces that are all mandatory in order for me to survive this coming fall.
I died, I need a credit card!! ASAP!

Images: http://cyanatrendland.com/

June 11, 2009

Alexa Chung Vogue UK

image source: knighttcat.com

Alexander Wang for The Gap

Heads up: June 16th Alexander Wang releases a khaki collection at The Gap. I'm drooling over the dress with a massive exposed industrial zipper in the front with detailing at the bottom of the dress. Then again, I'm a sucker for exposed zippers, and Alexander Wang is amazing at doing grunge with zippers. Yum motorcycle jacket. Khaki isn't really me, but I've been admiring it lately.

June 07, 2009

what i'm into right now...

1. Golden Spandex Turban - think about it, when you have a bad hair day, throw one of these bad boys on and it's instant chic.
2. 1920's Bob - after studying the history of fashion, specifically the 20's era, I've fallen in love with this hair style. I wish everyone still dressed like the 1920's; flapper dresses, fur shawls, bob hair, chic head pieces and the glamor that brought fun times without consequences. Like when women smoked with telescopic smoke holders and it looked so glamorous not knowing the consequences that would follow.
3. Khaki - I'm really loving khaki right now, I don't wear it myself but I'm seeing a lot of it and it looks so equestrian meets chic city girl.
4. Corset - or the bustier is a hot ticket for me this summer. Especially the floral! I love how this floral corset is mixed in with the vintage high waisted denim.
Love love...

June 03, 2009

A new batch of cool from Tokyo

Image source: http://www.fashionsnap.com

Blame it on the alcohol

What a great weekend! Unfortunately this was a photo I don't recall, not the most flattering but one that I think it shows how great the night was. Champagne, my best friend. (ha) My weekend was short lived but lived to the fullest. (lame, ha) I arrived on Thursday saw my friend Jawn for a tad bit and finally got to see his new place. I'm still jealous from that free cream suede couch Jawn! After a bit of downtime with a good friend I had dinner with the cousins and had my fill of Bakudan sushi, which Toronto completely lacks! Friday was a lot of waiting around until the evening my cousins and close friends "limoed" our way to the club because my cousins car couldn't accomodate the 9 of us pre-gaming before going. Swell night fo-sho, denny's followed after, mmmm...breakfast food. (ha) Saturday was my cousins debut where Renyl (my cousin) and I were the master of the ceremony aka-MC. It was terrible because not only did we drink the night before but we botched the introduction of people walking in (blah-blah) It's ok, it's over and it was actually fun. Sunday was MTV movie awards night and my cousins and I made it a sport to watch it with snacks and made sure not too miss any of Andy Samberg's skits. He's hillarious. I flew in with Dennis Monday morning leaving Winnipeg at 6am, how brutal. I arrived in Toronto on time for my monday classes but I was tired and decided to sleep away the day from the overwhelming weekend. Back to school and now that I have my sister and Dennis here, I'm so distracted! Semester two isn't looking so great... well I suppose I can say that for one of my classes specifically. Funny because it's my only online class, which is often neglected.

Wednesday: I have homework right now...I should be doing that.