May 27, 2009


Going home for the weekend...
pictures to follow, I promise.

I have so much homework to finish up and a midterm test next week, but at this point I don't care! harharhar. Let me have my fun dammit.
Time to dance, party with the cousins, get juiced with some gorgeous friends
-and all the while looking fabulous doing so. (ha)
Toodles friends.

May 25, 2009

FCUK Meets Military

Boo. I'm sad. I went strolling around downtown on the weekend with my sister looking to make a simple purchase on a new lip stud since the one I had was a wee bit tight. Obviously, being a student I'm broke and I could only oogle the clothes that I had seen. I'm not so much a mall person. I buy a lot of my clothes in vintage shops (ie: your local thrift store or value village), china town and any store that carries black, white, or grey. Anyways, we were walking down Queen st. and walked into French Connection and the first T-stand was a beautiful white asymmetrical buttoned twill military inspired jacket, and I died. I was in love. Even better, it was 40% that weekend off the regular price! 40% off $250 was totally affordable, but reality kicked in and I was not destined for that deal. Credit card perhaps? harhar, but my sister insisted that it was not ment for me (aka-she says it looks bad on me to make me feel better cause I can't afford it, or at least that's what I think she means.) So I tried it on for kicks at the store and cried. Not literally but, died a bit. Oh well. Dennis does come to Toronto next week, I wonder if fcuk does holds? (HA, kidding. Love you.) Well, another good rip care of fcuk. The end.

May 24, 2009

Alexander Wang, je't aime


Alexander Wang - casual cool, downtown style.

Sunday Cleaning

Sunday is always the day to clean the apartment top-down! With the help of my sister, I thought the chore would be completed faster. I figured out that she half-assed everything! She's an excellent cook, but in the cleaning department, she's a fail. (Ha) It's a beautiful +20 outside, I think we're going to stroll downtown and get some bubble tea. So Asian, I know. Yesterday we shared a hot dog on Bloor street, so classy hey? Student budget, what can I say?

May 23, 2009

Seeing Double

Morrissey, front man for The Smith's and Keegan Singh, a freelance stylist from New York. Both share beautiful hair, don't you agree?

London Boys

When it comes to Men's dressing, I'm shall we say, out of the loop. I've worked with mens clothing before. My first retail gig was at Mexx and even though I was mainly in the womens section, and sometimes kids section. That was a nightmare, NO I don't know what's good for your 8 month old baby!! Though I dabbled a bit in the men's section selling teenager boys white suits for their grad parties (puke). They refused to hem their pants and sleeves. And some how someone convinced all of these boys that neon pink dress shirts and white suits was the hottest thing since wearing visors upside down turned to the side. (HA) That was disgusting. Anyways, as much as I love women's clothing, I'm not really in the know in the mens department when it comes to"what's hot". In my color and wardrobe class we dabbbled (can you tell I like that word; dabble) in dressing different figure types. There are only 3 body types for men. The mesomorphs which are the ideals, think tarzan haha. The Ectomorph, the skinny lanky boys. And lastly, the Endomorphs, think santa, but there are boys who aren't to that extreme. So I was given a GQ magazine for the month of May for my birthday from my friend because Zac Efron is on the cover, (squeal -haha.) and found a section about street fashion photographed and commentaries by the infamous Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist. I clipped the pictures out and collaged it. (is collaged a word? no.)This is for you Jawny-boy, Mr. CompletelyFictitious. ( London street meat? (ha) As much as I enjoy street fashion, London is definetely one of my favourite street fashions I enjoy stalking for. (that came out creepy.) So, here is the collage and enjoy!
The end.

May 21, 2009

Mademoiselle Chanel

Lifetime movie on Coco Chanel, starring Shirley McLaine as the older Coco and young Coco is played by Barbara Bobulova. How did I miss this? In the beginning I couldn't take it seriously because Shirley McLaine was playing Coco, and I kept thinking about the movie Blast from the Past starring Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone, where Shirley McLaine was the mother of Brendan in the movie, and her character was hilarious. Anyways, if you're clueless about the great Mademoiselle Chanel this is a pretty good movie that explains her rise to fame and as well as the many men that influenced her to be as head strong and influential herself. I have yet to watch Audrey Tatou's French Version movie of Coco Chanel's Life, that is, I'm waiting for an english subtitled version. I'm falling in love with Chanel.
Now I'm just waiting for a 2.55 Chanel bag with a diamond ring. You know who you are :)


May 19, 2009

Must See-Anna

We love you Anna Wintour :)


In a Rut

Caution: Ranting, not fashion related.
Bah. School is stressing me out. Seven courses in 3 months? This is inhumane. Also, I'm stressing out about financial nonsense. (it's not nonsense but it's something I shouldn't have to worry about especially since I'm taking seven freaking courses.) Bah!!! On the plus side, I go back to Winnipeg next week! :) Yay! I'm excited, but at the same time I'm going to miss out on 4-6 classes (six classes if I miss three days of school) while I'm away and I return to present and a stupid Humanities test. LAME. Also, I'm unhappy with my current work place and seek new employment. I loved it in Winnipeg, but I feel so displaced when I transferred jobs over here. You always know when your passionate about your work when you can't call it work, you just go to have fun and get paid for it. I miss that kind of passion in work. Anyways, I'm boring you. Back to homework... yippy-fucken-do.

I'm sour. That's all, but this helped.

May 17, 2009

Star Crush

Ew, I've fallen for Efron. Ha. After watching 17 Again, I googled him. Sad. I'm confident to say I'm not the only one, right? Right?

Bring in Platinum

I wish I could go platinum. Unfortunately my complexion will not allow it. Another street fashion shot from Japan taken from one of my favourite fashion sites She's sporting black ankle canvas converse with sheer tights and a great colourful geometric print a-line skirt, keeping proportion in mind, where the upper body has volume and the bottom half is tapered. I love the whole outfit! Let's be friends... ha.

May 16, 2009

It's Pretty in Pink

I always loved Molly Ringwald, from The Breakfast Club to my favorite, Sixteen Candles. This weekend I watched Pretty in Pink with my sister and I was so excited to see the costumes in the flick more than anything else. What was even more exciting was what Molly was wearing which is very much current today. Lace, a tasteful amount of florals, nerd glasses, boyfriend blazers and silk. I love how the 80's are coming back full force. I'm still hunting for those floral leggings, I was foolish to let go of those beautiful floral tights that Aritzia carried 3 months ago. I'm still on the prowl...

It's been too long

It's already May sixteen? I'm surprised myself. It's been great coming back to Toronto since my sister moved in with me. Adventures and REAL dinner with fresh ingredients every day tastes great, this is something I can get use to. Ha. I'm still not giving up my noodles and yes, the eggo waffles are still vital to my morning routine. Eggo waffles and 2 coats of mascara, I'm good.
I've recently faced a financial hurdle with student loan, I know that should be confidential but I think it's good to realize now that I've been living VERY comfortably for four months, now that I have another 4 months until another batch of student loan I think this might be very good for me. I'll actually learn how to budget and be even more handy with what I have in my wardrobe more than ever. At first, it was definitely a new low in my life but I think it'll be ok. I just need to know that it's only 4 months of being extra frugal with my spending. Yesterday I went down town with my sister and a friend. We shopped in Yorkville, aka-the upper east side of New York, and I honestly felt like a kid in a candy store and the only thing I could do was gawk at the beautiful goodies. We went into Holts and I died. I really died. We went upstairs to the second floor and browsed through Chanel and I died. I only see these beautiful garments on the internet and in the magazines. I touched a $6000 Saphire blue sequined Chanel jacket, a $5000 laced tweed Chanel jacket, and the coveted 2.55 Chanel bag. I died. Of course the sales associated took one glance at us at the entrance and kept with there conversation, ignoring us. I didn't care one bit, I completely expected it. I was just happy to be surrounded in CHANEL. Oh dream, dream...

May 09, 2009

hello summer

I found this picture which to me, captures eactly how much I have fun when I'm back home with family and friends, worry free with crazy nights. "Heartbeats drumming double time". My last weekend home. Back to school on Tuesday, back to reality.

May 01, 2009

Meet Alexa Chung

Listening to: Lenka - The Show (I can't get enough)

Alexa Chung, Brit Model and TV host. I took notice of her ever since watching Gok's Fashion Fix. She's this petite beautiful half Chinese and English girl who never looks over done, mixing high end pieces, such as her coveted Louis Vuitton summer 09 heels, with really cheap disposable fashion from Topshop. Her style is very feminine but it's easy street wear, lots of layering. She balances out her petite frame by keeping the top portion of her body layered and slightly oversized but knows to keep her bottom half tapered. She wears a lot of skirts and should since she has legs for days!! I love her style. She is so petite and a being model, clothes just drape nicely over her. Boo! Ha, here I am again envying the puny girls. Ha. I assembled a collage of some of the many outfits that I enjoyed on her. I'm most likely looking to her for this summer's effortless cool outfits for myself. Toodles.