September 29, 2009

Wishing, Hoping, never ending...

Figured I deserved a break from doing school work, so I treated my self by indulging and feeling even worse about being materialistic. ha. Don't you love fashion?

Fendi, velvet calf bag
Balmain, black leather Perfecto
Proenza Schouler, pouch
Balmain, jacket (when Balmain and Chanel meet)
Luelle, skirt
Viktor & Rolf, jacket
Hussien Chalayan, coat
Lanvin, booties
Marc Jacobs, sweat shirt

How delightful, my midnight snack. How I love you Colette.

Craving Chanel!!

Tell me now, who never craves Chanel? Ever since I saw this photo, it's all I've been craving for. I've been so frugal lately (besides the leather jacket I invested in yesterday, ha.) and I feel that this item is incredibly necessary to have, yet I never made the effort to look it up and hunt it down. Alas, I'm waiting on some incoming moolah to blow on some much needed Chanel. "Buying into the dream..." But where do you get such a large compact mirror!!?? Tell me!

Blogger's Crib

Unfortunately not my own, but wishing it was.

There are so many blogs I enjoy reading, but especially Style Scrapbook. How amazing is this? I came across her blog on lookbook. I enjoyed her looks so much that I snooped around and actually found out she had a blog so, of course I was thrilled and immediately added her as one of my favourite Sunday Morning Delight, readings. What a killer pad. I'm in love.

Wang 2010

Dear Mr.Alexander,
Once again, you've captured my heart and I'm melting over your color palette for your ss2010 collection. You`re ever so cool and always hitting the right fashion chords for me and your crowd following includes so many popular babes, ie: Erin Wasson and Dree Hemingway. Thanks for being effortlessly chic and giving us something to look forward to after this winter. (Replica/Wanna bees and all)

September 27, 2009


Black Chic

My kind of crowd.

Emmanuelle Alt, epitome of cool.

The Sartorialist and Jak&Jil

September 23, 2009


"That's the thing about fashion: You can use it to hide,
but it's only magic when you use it to express who you really are."
Kate Lanphear

oh, the drama!

I like it.


day seven at FLARE

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Shoes galore! :) I was pretty psyched to be trying on theses bad boys all day, since I'm the generic display size seven. I was convinced shoes would come in at 9 and 10 for the models of course but since the marketing director does e-talk episodes she pulled display sizes, aka - my size. Pretty sweet! I got to catalog some Louboutins, Elizabeth and James, Jimmy Choo's for H&M, and great Aldo designer rips like YSL and Balmain. Unfortunately I didnt get to photograph some of the garments that got pulled for the episode from Holts such as Alexander Wang (my fav!!), D&G, Helmut Lang and a couple H&M Fall samples. I would say being surrounded by designer shoes and clothes with the addition of being at the office when FLARE hosts their monthly birthday parties with cheese cake and strawberries, today was a great day.

Have a great rest of the week!

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ALSO! Great news! I'm going to be at the 30th Anniversary Gala Event for FLARE, and I get suited up by JOE FRESH, head to toe. *Cross fingers we get to keep the whole get up!

Beautiful Comfort

The Sartorialist

September 10, 2009

Kick Off: NYFW

120 Models! Look at the shoes!!! And it`s Fashion`s Night Out TONIGHT!
Wish I was in NY.

Style Hero: Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

September 08, 2009

Replica: Wang and Urban Outfitters

Alexander Wang: Lamb skin sleeves with an a-line biker style denim jacket
$1500 price tag

Urban Outfitters: Faux leather sleeves and collar, and button down denim body.
$138 Price tag.
Not bad, I would settle for a denim vest layered over a leather jacket.
But obviously, I'm still going to Urban Outfitters to try it on. Ha.

My business casual

Acne Atacoma Black Metal - Why hello lover. For $410, I suppose it's affordable. :)

Behind the Scenes: Alexander Wang

Images from:

Sweet Package

Back at It

This photo does not represent how I feel about returning to school only after 30 days of summer. LAME. Although this photo does represent how I feel about my internship. HA. So silly. I bagged an internship at a fashion magazine, FLARE! I'm enjoying my placement there, it has been amazing being surrounded my designer clothes, accessories and shoes. Not to brag, but coming from a small town with the only high end store being a Holt Renfrew, and Last Call, it's not everyday that I get to be surrounded by high end luxury pieces. The dream. Ha. Although, my fellow interns are jaded because they've worked for Holts and see this everyday. I promised myself to never be jaded like them and as wide eyed and excited as I am to see a shoe with a red sole, my heart will continue to race!

Today was the first day back to school. Eight months until I graduate, what?! I'm unbelievably extatic! Big plans and big dreams to chase.

Life is good.