February 28, 2010

February 24, 2010

Fall 2010: Proenza Schouler - school girl in graffiti

Instead of studying, I have once again gravitated to style.com.
I'm obsessed with the idea of high necklines, school girl skirts mixed with leather and fur by Proenza this season. The model's are covered up head to toe but with little peeps of skin made it so sexy, like the slits of skin exposed from the thigh high socks, or geometric cut outs on the sides of a dress. I would never see myself in graffiti pants but their looking so bad ass with the school girl skirts and clean sharp collars.


February 23, 2010

Face Off: Zara v.s Chanel in Clogs

Obvs the mass retailer never wins, but what a damn good replica. So good, I bought a pair.
(dammit...rent's due next week) My reasoning is that I rarely fall in love these days, and when I saw these babies, I was drooling. Strange, mine are open toe...way better. Once clogs came rolling into the fashion room a month or two ago, I honestly was disgusted. Although, once I see a pair in black leather with a wooden heel and with the bonus of a rubberized sole, I was sold. I never really thought I would buy into it but Zara has done it again for me. (the first time would be the inspired Balenciaga bold shoulder blazer I bought from Zara, what a beaut.) I'll prove you wrong Charisse (my bff) that I will sport them outside of the bar!! ha.
What are your thoughts on clogs last season? Do you think it has lasting power?

Chanel $1700.oo-----------------------------------------------------------Zara $159.00

February 19, 2010

Trend: braids

Ok, so this trend has been surfacing for awhile now and ever since Wang showcased the look for his fab SS2010 collection, the style has been a go to look for a lot of girls lately. (ew, forget about Ms.Conrad) I'm talking about the girls that follow the runway looks, I suppose lookbook comes to mind first. It's not all about the one side braid across the forehead now, it's the milkmaid to the loose thick gathered braid to th side. I've been sporting the milkmaid hair style since summer myself, but since I chopped off my hair, I've been missing it ever since. Extentions are in order. What do you think? Have you always done it before, or do you hate the look all together?

Fall 2010 - A. Wang

All in the details...


Editorial: 3-D by Baldovino Barani

Grab those hipster 3-D glasses!


February 13, 2010

Trend: ankle socks

Remember when you were in kindergarten and mom always dressed you up in beautiful little darling dresses, possibly matching with your sister (such as myself), along with your best church shoes and those frilly white socks? I remember how much I loved playing dress up and as early as 7 years of age, keeping count of what I wore and to steer away from repeating outfits. (what baloney.) Anyway friends, their back. I personally ran back to it, at least until summer arrives.
Love it? Been doing it since forever? Hate it?

February 12, 2010

Shoes: Wooden Platforms

I'm obsessed with platforms at the moment and these babies would give my the 5 inches I need to get those spider legs that I want oh so badly. ha. Does it matter that it's by Jessica Simpson? Nope, I'm liking it. Can you believe there on back order, as late as June!


Alexander McQueen

February 08, 2010

Face off: Proenza vs Forever21

There is no battle between Proenza Schouler and Forever21, but Proenza's PS1 large suede satchel is looking at a cheap knock off care of Forever21. Thoughts? This bag from Proenza Schouler actually came in at FLARE last week and the fabrication was divine, but at that price, I'm convinced that you could rifle through a couple of thrift stores to find a decent replica, maybe not in suede but leather perhaps?

Proenza Schouler at $1995 -------------------------------------------------------- Forever21 at $20.80

February 03, 2010


Gorgeous vintage orange fur trim coat.

February 02, 2010


What is this!!?? This is utter perfection. This is the exact knapsack I've been searching for!!
alexander wang

NYC Fall 2010 Collection Countdown...

I've always enjoyed Fall/Winter collections to Spring/Summer. It could be because I enjoy the layering and bundling, and the muted, darker colours. I promised this year I would put a little more punch into my wardrobe, colour wise, but I have yet to commit to it. Over the weekend I hauled ass to Ikea and purchased beautiful wooden white hangers. I cleaned out my closet hoping to eliminate the keepers and the pieces that simply sit around that do nothing for me. I've decided to sell off the clothes that I don't use anymore inorder to start saving for a grad gift trip for myself. So far, it's been successful with my sister and cousin eyeing my old treasures. Who knew I had so much clothes and accessories lying around. (Of course Dennis has been telling me that all along.)

I'm really excited for next week! Though I will not be attending, maybe one day I will, is New York's Fall 2010 shows! I'm excited to see my fav, Alexander Wang! After NYC shows, I'll be glued to style.com waiting to see the Fall collections of Rick Owens, Stella McCartney, Burberry Prorsum, Chanel, Givenchy, Balmain and Alexander McQueen! This is actually the only time I wish I had an iphone.

So 9 days until then...


Greatest Find

To find someone's collected stash of Vogue.