March 26, 2009


"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

St. Augustine

I wish I had the luxury to travel and see first hand how everyone dresses.
ps: I applied for an intern position as an assist stylist at Chatelaine... (crossesfingers)
I don't read Chatelaine but my mom does, ha. We'll see what happens...

March 24, 2009

Hurry Summer...

I can NOT wait to go home in May! I miss my family so much it's motivating me to work so much harder at school. AND my sister is moving here in May once I come back for my second semester, wicked deals, that means breakfast, lunch and dinner, not just soup, soup and left over soup. GO SODIUM! (Thumbs up.)

Ok, 3 things.
1. Sorry for not posting more LG fashion photos, they're all in my phone, it'll be a while.
2. I just recently moved in my apartment, so same building but different unit, THE "penthouse". (ha) Well, it's twice the size of my old apartment and has a balcony, the lake slightly visible (ok, the view is crap.) But summer nights, my friend, equals bbq's and margaritas! (Bring the bbq pit, I don't have one, I'll provide the alcohol.)
3. It's that time of the year when I'm getting sick. (cross-fingers, hopefully not.) I'm sure this is common for many but I get sick every time when seasons change, I don't remember if I ever dodged this? This is not good #1, who likes getting sick right? #2, I don't have a doctor in Toronto. And most importantly #3, living alone means no one can cook soup and care for me :( How tragic.

ENOUGH of this ranting please.
I've been reading this book by Nina Garcia "The Black Book of Style" and it's so inspiring. I suggest you pick it up and give it a quick look through, then purchase. (ha) But seriously, it's great; visually appealing, hard cover and fun to read. Hello, it's written by the gorgeous Nina! Aka - Fashion Director at Marie Claire, she use to be the Fashion Director at ELLE , eventually the Editor-at-Large for ELLE and judge for Project Runway. This book came out awhile ago but now that I've decided to go into wardrobe styling (I declared it to the world!) I thought it would be a great read. I want to become an image coordinator by wardrobing and styling photo shoots, for NASTYGAL perhaps!! DREAM DREAM... this book doesnt tell you how to be a stylist but more really knowing yourself, and styling for your body, and avoid being that fashion victom. Yikes.

Ok, back to my essay, I fear that my formal essays are turning into blog passages. :(

March 20, 2009

Carine, revealed

Carine Roitfeld: Revealed

It was aired on CNN yesterday... of course it's available online! :) WATCH IT!!

Just so you know how MAJOR she is:
Carine is the Editor-in-chief of the French edition of Vogue (aka: the bible) and has held this position since 2001. At the age of 18, she was scouted as a model, for junior magazines. Later she became a writer and then a stylist for French Elle. She later went on as a consultant for Tom Ford, Gucci and YSL for six years. She's been styling for Guccu, Missoni, Versace, YSL, and Calvin Klein.

You are so loved Carine...why are you so cool?

March 19, 2009

Model Mayhem ♥♥♥

I met Coco Rocha and Iman today! I have a crush on coco. Love, Love, Love.
Where? LG Fashion Week - When? After the fashion show for Project Runway, Canada. - How? Cause I'm a volunteer! woot.
Iman is ridiculously beautiful in person, I can see why she is a muse to many designers. She just oozes beauty, I just stood there star struck and drooling (ok, no drool) but my eyes were glazed and just so excited to meet someone so internationally known.

ps: I stole their seating labels. (haha, I'm so rad.) Ok, it wasn't stealing, it was to be trashed later anyway.

Coco Rocha is so tall and slender, and with her fire red hair, she looked so fierce with her slicked back hair in a pony tail and straight bangs. Her whole attire was structured and very architecturally inspired, head to toe; with muted colors. But her face and her hair, being a red punch of color was just stunning. What a babe...

(NOT taken from LG fashion week)

March 18, 2009

ps: for the love of shoes

I wanted to put up this picture taken by the wickedly cool (like I know him, I wish) Tommy Ton ( worn by Kate Lanphear designed by Stella McCartney.
LOVE LOVE LOVE! Why are you so beautiful?

And just recently, caught my eye, and being a lover of black and white ... obviously I died.
Shoes designed by Gareth Pugh for his 2009 collection; the quality of the picture is foul and does not give the shoes justice, but if you google it (which I know you won't) you can see how amazing and breath taking they are...I died.
Yes I'm into the wedged heel, since I'm a tomboy and can't DO heels, period; unless liquor is involved.
Ok, I'm done for the day, back to homework. bah.

It's the Middle of Fashion Week

I'm missing Pink Tartan! :(
I am so physically and mentally fatigue from this whole week...
Fashion week has been amazing and everyone is looking so fabulous at these shows.

So far I've seen Barbie by David Dixon (I died), Ula Zukowska, Travis Taddeo, Zoran Dobric and Joeffer Caoc. I was in love with Joeffer's monochromantic plattes and the wool-like structured jackets were to die for! They were amazing!

I missed out on Lundstrom, Bustle, and pretty much all of Wednesday's line up.

It's so amazing to be a part of LG fashion week. It's hard work backstage and setting up the entire event is chaotic inside and out. I don't think people realize the little details and all the labour that it takes to put on a fashion show, I never knew myself. I'm so amazed.

I'm so excited for friday's line up: Evan Biddell, Lucian Matis and
VALETINO!! I can't wait! It's Valentino's exclusive Screening called "The Last Emperor" ... surely this show will be amazing! :) I'll post up some pictures later this week! It's not like I've been carrying around my camera (I wish), but my cellphone has been good to me.

For now, I have this picture that just shows how wild the shows are, MEDIA MADNESS !!I love this industry.

Update from my Miranda Presely encounter:

So, on Saturday I was at Nathan Phillips Square working inside the tents and provided the extra hours of dressing mannequins (which in the end, were not used because they had a different design idea; news paper a-line pleated skirts) and there was this crazy lady, who clearly had prior surgical enhancements, and makeup that has been lasting for days and unwashed; but besides the harsh criticism, this women would not stop yelling at me about how she wanted the fabric to drape properly and look whimsical. OK, so I do as she says and she loves it. Then she trashes the idea because she no longer had the "right vision". LADY! I'm working for free here, and I'm not a designer. It was a great experience, and at the end of it, she appreciated my efforts ans gave me a hug alongside two other volunteers. I spent over 2 hours with her that day playing around with sheer white fabric, tulle, lace and quilted metallic fabric to drape and pin on 10 mannequins, where she continued to insult and criticize our efforts. On Monday I found out who she was, only the Executive Director and Co-founder of Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC), Robin Kay. At least I didn't have to walk her dog like the other volunteers had to.

The end.

March 17, 2009


I have a persuasive essay due tomorrow worth 20% and I could care less.


Because it's GARBAGE! Ok, 20%.... now I'm panicking, this ranting helped.

March 15, 2009

I'm moving to Cali

I found my dream job! I want to work for NastyGal!

Nasty Gal started in 2006 and sells vintage one of a kind pieces only online!
AND just recently, opened their first US store in Berkeley, California.
Gah, heaven.

I was creeping around the website and noticed that they had a blog as well. One of the posts was actually about hiring a stylist intern or assistant, and I died. I'm so in love with this company. Groovy chicks and vintage clothes all day long, how could I not fall in love? Bah! I would completely move to California in a heart beat to be part of this team! Hire me Sophia! (ha) I'm totally looking forward to photostyling in January as my final project for school. Woot-woot, actually I'm thinking of doing it now; to create a portfolio. Seeking hair/makeup, model and photographers! :) I think it's in the bag, I just need to get this going.

I am so psyched for summer and to grow my hair, cause when it's warm, my wardrobe goes through 'show and tell'.

Wow, I'm feeling inspired. I cannot wait to get started on a fashion portfolio.

Nasty Gal; Hire me!

A massive playground of dress up!!

Sunday Morning

So, last night`s event was rough; I`m soar and feeling less glamorous about landing a volunteer gig at LG fashion week, but I`m still thankful to be part of it.
BAH. I`m just being cranky....on to finishing up homework.


the end.

March 14, 2009

Pre-fashion Wee

(Alright, so the photo on the left doesn't quite depict my days work, but I wanted something that said fashion, and intern, this is what I googled, this is what I got. Shuddddup.)


All I can say at this point. That can meet a lot of things, what kind of things? Let me explain what my day consisted of, and I'll let you decide.


I wake up bright and early; I made sure I had my eggo waffles and I'm good to go. I find out two nights before that I was on the Decor team, so not quit what I wanted, which was more styling and being back stage with the designers to dress the models, BUT decor has great responsibilities as well which co
nsisted of being in the fashion environment and run way, but it is not as glamorous as it sounds, trust me. It's the grunt work, of course, this ain't paid work. (ha, sucks) Alright, so day one, I arrive at Nathan Phillips Square right in the heart of downtown Toronto. Lovely morning, the sunlight was creeping from behind the giant buildings and it was a bit chilly. I was a bit cold from wearing my leather jacket and black tapered jeans, as long as I looked wicked. (ha, seriously) So, I walk in the giant fashion tent after figuring out the volunteer tents weren't up yet. Ok, ready go, give me some work to do! SInce this is PRE-fashion week there was only construction going on. So, first task; "paint Barbie's booth." Wow, a team of four, never painted before and got paint all over ourselves, of course being unprepared, got paint all over my shoes and jeans. Boo, I was hoping my jeans would look destructed-cool, but not so much.

Honestly, through out the day was a lot of sitting and chatting but when it came down to doing work, man oh man, did they work us. As I said we were assigned to paint a booth, 3 walls, 15x15 ft. The first coating wasn't so bad, second coating was we needed a 3rd coating because the purple paint that was originally painted on was still peeking through our white paint. BAH, kill me. So, we were given money to fetch another can on paint. Shitty deals for us, the can of paint that the two other girls bought was the wrong brand, color and finish. So, we were told to return it and go on break. (I think the co-orinator hated us at that point) Before we went on our break we had to fetch some coffee for the "important" people. Whateves, sure. Then we had break.

We got back and sat for a good 2 hours doing nothing because we were waiting on a truck. Once the truck arrived we had to unload massive pieces of pexi glass, 70 pound chandeliers, and other fixtures. (my legs still burn from it) After given the task of re-attaching all the pieces that fell off the chandeliers, we had one more run to iphone charger. So, another girl and I, ran to Eaton's center to the Mac store to buy a charger. Good to go. Day one over.


I`ll just list it cause im tired now.
-arrived on time, dressing a bit down now cause i thought i would be painting again, not the case.
-had to throw garbage out and just simply maintain the tent and clean
-unload bolts of fabric from a truck and bring into fashion tent
-unload a car full of magazines, chocolate, media packages...
-set up LG lounge/bar

-rip plastic off the floor from when the booths were being painted
-set up the curtains on the run way (it was so difficult! Just the little details that people may not even consider)
-then after all the grunt work was over, my shift was done but then a group of volunteers were dressing the mannequins with sheer white fabric. FUN! So I dedicated extra time and stayed longer (2 hours) to participate. It was great just drapping fabric over the mannequins but my ego was totally shot down once the creative director took a high favour of one of the volunteers. I want to shine too. :( It was alright, I helped out.
-9 hours later, I head home for a well deserved dinner from last nights left overs, KFC.
Man, I'm living a glamorous life. Free labour and KFC.

the end.

I'll have to share it another time, meeting a real life "Miranda Presely" and my encounter.

not pretty.

good night.

March 08, 2009

addicted to...

I think since I'm home a lot, thanks to being bombarded with all this school work,baah*; I've been more creative lately with snazing up my wardrobe, to re-crafting my jewelry, to making fashion layouts. Honestly, if I had a tv I would be sitting on the coach with a bag of cheetos and pomplemouse all night long.

I can't wait to see my family in May, I'm COUNTING DOWN!

The end.

March 01, 2009

LG Fashion Week

It's kind of a big deal, and I'm going to back stage! Woot-woot!

ok the end.

Why a career in Fashion?

(i just felt I had to write down my purpose on paper, now I want to share it.)

I studied linguistics for 2 years and never grasped any knowledge about what the subject was about. It was information in one ear and out the next. I switched to marketing which was much more exciting because it deals with current events, products and images. And that’s when I thought about my love for fashion and clothing.

I truly believe I was blind in my other life because I touch and feel clothing as if it’s the only way I know how to identify them; it’s in my past life that fashion is so familiar to me.

I always thought about having a career that would help the world in some way or other. I felt as if I had to choose a career that would do so. “How can you influence the world?”

I love styling. I love putting clothes together. It’s an art form that an individual can wear. It is the greatest feeling in the world to put together an outfit that represents who you are which makes you stand out from a crowd.

I want to work behind the scenes, styling to create fashion ads. I want to create the looks and that is how I want to influence the world.

February was a busy month, and a short one. I feel cheated out from such a short month for my rent, what can you do? Anyways, this is a fashion spread I made from attending the Aritzia fashion show. I will try my best to post much more often, school's a bitch, but I'm loving my program. Back to studying...