April 30, 2009


Listening to: Sugar Ray - When it's over

I'M DONE! Semester one is over! :) Isn't it great? I spoiled myself with a couple of purchases at Sherway mall. Err...not good, but I deserve it dammit. (I justified it.) I bought make up and a sweater at AA. I'm a monster.
I'm going home tomorrow! My flight is at 10pm! I'm going to be so restless the whole day. I planned on keeping myself busy by cleaning my whole apartment top down, but when I got home I started and finished. Since it was exam week I trashed my apartment and threw everything around, even the dishes piled up! I had eggo waffles this morning (like every morning) on a cutting board because I didnt have a clean plate. Ha, I'm gross. When I took out the garbage, recycling and compost, seaguls started hovering above me. GAH, living near the lake sucks. Damn seaguls are just going to leave their shit stains on my balcony. I need traps. ha.
I even got a head start on packing and I think I'm nearly finished. How do I keep busy tomorrow?? I need homework! Ew, look what happened to me. After my instense clean up, I was starving and didn't feel like cooking and having to re-do the dishes so I decided on Guru Sushi take out. I walked outside and it was drizzling rain a bit so instead of walking the extra block I stopped at KFC! Horrible. Whatev-I'm content.

Aw, I miss my friends from school already. After seeing them everyday, I'm actually missing them. Ew.

I'm going on a jet plane...

April 28, 2009

Who are you Thomas Wylde?

British model-turned-designer Paula Thomas is the creative force behind punk chic label Thomas Wylde. With its signature mix of rebellious prints and luxe fabrics, the collection has struck a chord with hipsters like Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson and Lindsay Lohan. Leather boots, scorpion print chiffon dresses and ruffle neck dresses exude rock 'n' roll sophistication.
Paula Thomas, born 1967, she started as a teenage model, appearing in many top fashion magazines, before becoming a fashion designer with her own label "Thomas Wylde" in 2006. Wylde was her great-grandmother's surname.
I just can't get enough... Just some of the pieces that I badly need from her recent collection is the embellished suede box clutch, a monochromatic silk floor length kimono with a border print, and the LBD which has pintuck detailing at the bust, a wide empire waistband, slit pockets at front and a side zip fastening with a double belt. Je t'aime And lastly this tough girl chic leather flat strap purse with a leather tassel. There's a fair bit of metal ware that might make it a bit gaudy but I like it.
Image Source: http://www.net-a-porter.com/

Hold Your Breath

Listening to: The Cardigans - Erase/Rewind

If I don't count today and the day I arrive, 2 more days until I go home!
So I received an email about my interview at Chatelaine to intern for the summer, and since my availability did not offer 2-3 full weekdays off, I was not chosen. Boo. It's cool, my schedule would have been ker-azy. Another 7 courses this semester will be hectic. Try to bag the next one. Ice cream made it all better. ha.

Ok, so I feel as if I's done all of my exams now since my last 2 are jokes. Computers, really. Ha, but I'll review it in a bit, aka-the bus ride there tomorrow. And my last exam is Product Knowledge and Sales, her exams are pretty easy, so I'm not too concerned. Although I have one project left, to wardrobe and style a male and female with a $5000 budget, fun right? Not really since it's way too last minute to assign for the last week of school! Ah, who am I to complain when my friend had to go through ridiculous chemistry exams. (love you chareazy)

Sushi, Vermacelli Bowls, Sushi, movies, Sushi ... mmmm can't wait to go home. Miss you! You know who you are! ;)

April 27, 2009

Japanese Street Fashion

Japan is where the street fashions at.
Image source: http://www.fashionsnap.com/

One of my favourite Japanese websites to check out street fashion is Fashionsnap! I love how they experiment with silhouette, texture, and colour there. These photos are just some of my current favourites I grabbed from the site. Fashionsnap updates often and though it's not in English, the photo's are enough to make me oogle the site for a good couple of hours. My sister plans on teaching English in Japan in the near future and by the time she goes I would have graduated already. That means, I tag along for the ride. Ha. But seriously, my dream is to shop in the markets of Japan, China and London! I want to see the street fashion centrals and see it all for myself. Dennis promised to take me after I graduate, or New York. I'll take either or. Or both. Ha, I'm horrible. Anyways, I think I love Japanese street fashion so much because they're so daring and they don't seem to conform to any standard look. What they wear today will be current and trendy a year from now. Trendsetters, fo sho. ha. -Toodles.

3 Exams To Go...

Three exams done, three to go!
I've painted my nails...
Finished some house chores...
Ate coffee ice cream...
Perused online shopping...
Even attempted sketching...
Had my daily dose of fashion bogs...
I'm definitely procrastinating.

shut up.

April 26, 2009

Cocktail rings and Leather

After seeing this, I died. I'm in love with it all. I wouldn't wear it all at once but I would buy it all! That reminds me. I have a charm bracelet that has one charm which was a tiny black cross that I made from an old neckalce and I seem to have lost it this morning. I retraced my steps and I fear that I lost it while doing the dishes. Boo.

Image source: http://thefoxyman.blogspot.com/

T-5 days

Listening to: ladyhawke - my delirium
We play her cd all the time at Aritzia, it's so over played but since I work less than 8 hours a week because of school, I've fallen in love all over again.

T-5 days, not counting today 4 days? :) It's my last weekend alone here in Toronto, I'm bringing my sister back with me, for good. Ha. Exam week will go by really quick. I just have to be prepared for long nights and be reintroduced to my best friend "Rock Star Coffee". Yum. I'm just hoping for good news on Monday but I'm okay if it goes the other way around. Monday calls for 2 exams, wonderful. I'm just excited to get this week done and over with, then I can start packing. There's a party next Saturday for me already, yay bbq! Yay food in general, ha. But I'm sure my family would have set the party with or without me. This Saturday coincidentally is Pacquiao's fight. Bah. Anyways, after a month and a half living alone on the top floor (which was great because I always blasted my music) I finally have a neighbor. She's kind. I don't remember her name, but she'll do. Ha.

I finally bought a denim jacket I'm happy about. It's not the traditional denim Levi's jacket. I love it because it's a very light blue wash with a lot of metal ware, double breasted with an asymmetrical zipper. It's cropped at the waist and so are the arms. Wear it open so the collars can fold over. I love love love it. I'll be sporting it 4 times a week fo sho. ha. I bought it from H&M, though it was out of my budget, I had to get it because it was meant for me, and I still had tax return money left over.
Life is good.

April 25, 2009

Weather Forcast: +25

Time to change the page layout :)

Gah, I have to go out and play, it's way to gorgeous out!

I promise I'll study tonight and tomorrow, all day!
Seriously, who stays home in this kind of weather!

ps: Yesterday's interview went so well! Although, my availability is not so accommodating to their current needs. Which sucks because I have 7 courses this summer, which means, I don't know about this one. I'll find out on Monday. Over all it was a great experience, maybe I'll bag the next one. :)

After cleaning and doing laundry this morning, I deserve to enjoy the sun while it's beaming! Toodles.

[update] Now I'm home after experiencing an ugly thunder storm mixed with face punching wind and a smelly bus ride home. Days like this I wish I had my car. When that wind blew across John street and Queen, all of Toronto's garbage literally blew into the air. After seeking shelter under Starbucks, I had sand in my eye and in between my teeth. Not hot. On the plus side, the rain ended by the time I got home and stopped early to get take out at Guru Sushi. I ran home and horked my meal down. Mmmm. I wish I could have tempura and California sushi rolls everyday.

April 24, 2009

THE Coolest Kids on the Block

Kate and Keegan

The end.

April 22, 2009


I want to punch life in the face.

Schedules jam packed...
Semester one is coming to an end...
Semester two is still unpaid for...
Last minute to-do's before semester two begins...
Rent plus utilities, go away...
Stressed out for Friday's interview...

Going home next week. (I cracked a smile)

April 21, 2009

2 hrs of sunlight

Listening to: Mims - Move
(thanks to den)

Weekend: I attended the graduate's fashion show at the Phoenix Concert Hall downtown on Thursday with Shirmah (showcase her design) and Shelby (the model). Of course I was able to tag along as the assistant to help style, thx shirmy. At the end of our second yearr we have to choose between Photo Styling or Fashion Show and this event discouraged me to ever touch that course. I suppose the event itself was boring and way too stressful. I'm definitely set on Photo Styling for my final year. The next day I had to write an essay on Friday (boring) but strolled downtown because it was so beautiful out with a friend. When the sun's out, short-shorts and even shorter skirts come out to play. As for me, I kept it casual, but cool. Duh. Ha. I sported a lavender blazer with a grey tee shirt, sheeny leggings and gladiators. Comfort at its finest, if I could I would repeat that outfit 3 times a week. (maybe not, I get bored easily).

Remember I mentioned that I applied for an intern position, assisting the stylists at Chatelaine? Well on Friday I recieved an email and I landed an interview with Chatelaine interning as a stylist. I thought it wasn't a big deal in the beginning but as I researched more and more about the publication and the position, I want this so badly! Especially since their sister publication is with Flare. Chatelaine is definintely not a magazine I read but I've studied the last issue. Now, tell me all that you know about Chatelaine! I have an exam on Thursday and my interview is this Friday. I haven't even touched my class notes, I'm dedicated on this gig. xx wish me luck. ^-^

continuing with the weekend: a couple of friends stayed over at my friends place to do our second amatuer photo shoot to get our portfolio going. This time I was completely behind the scenes and we just shot the Shirmah (make up artist) and Shelby (model, artist extrordinaire) as Erin photographed and I styled. Photo's soon to be posted. Stay tuned kiddies. This time we had a theme! Grungy kids on a Sunday.

Weekday: monday was a field trip to the Danier Leather, corporate office. It was pretty insightful and we actually got to see the whole operation from conception, production to in store. Pretty cool. Everyone wore leather. Awesome. Ha. I just want to slap my self for not using my 50% at Aritzia (where I am employed) to get that leather Mackage jacket. Bah. Idiot.

Today: Ew. The weather is dreadfully gloomy and actually inspiring. I'm thinking of staying in and after studying, do some crafts. (yeah, I'm cool) Even though it's sunny now, in about 2 hours or so, it'll be cloudy and raining for the rest of the day all the way up until Wednesday evening. Thursday and continuing on to the weekend will be so beautiful! Time to spend some money. Ha. This friday is +23, can you beleive that? Wahoo, summer is here...

ps: I'm going home next week! :)

the end.

April 15, 2009

Summer Heat

I love this weather. This is me in the summer. To those who know me well, I am announcing my love for colour. Mostly pastels. Don't get me wrong my love for monochromatic colours still lives, but this summer I want punches of colour :) It's 2.5 weeks until summer! 10 days in Winnipeg and back to Toronto for semester 2, better than nothing.
let me dance

Party Mood**

Listening to: Lissie Trullie - She said

After pursuing around refinery29.com (wicked site) I came across a post about Wildfox Couture's new fall 09' lookbook. They're L.A based their line is vintage inspired. I wasn't familure with Wildfox Couture, but I've heard a bit about it before from celebrity "what they wore" columns. Anyways, their lookbook for their fall collection definitely grabbed my attention. Love, love.

Wildfox Couture's fall 09' lookbook was described as:
"what dudes everywhere imagine their fantasy all-girls slumber party to look like: Pretty young things prancing about in sheer tees, seductive thigh-highs, and ultra-red lips, all the while posing for pictures and making merry in bathtubs."

How great is that! ^______^ After looking around the website (http://www.wildfoxc
outure.com/) I'm even more envious of long hair and red lips! (ha) That reminds me! I took the street car home yesterday from shopping downtown and I sat beside this girl who had long beautiful red hair where the ends were curly and she wore this black suede jacket with a rather large cream coloured fur collor, with a floral teared skirt, leggings and combat boots, and to top it off, she had clear pale skin with matt red lips and aviators. I was stunned. It was like she was straight out of lookbook (which I am obsessed with). I wanted to take her picture. I couldn't stop starring. (drool, ha, kidding) OK so back to Wildfox Couture. The photos itself are so incredible, I want to be part of this party that's going down! I am completely obsessed with this one photo. I like to think that my life will look like this everyday once I graduate. Soon enough... ha. Check it out!! :)

April 14, 2009

Guilty Splurge(s)

Listening to: Ituana-Waiting in Vain
(her voice makes me sleep...)

So today I went downtown with a couple of friends to continue spending my tax return (ha), I only spent a small fraction of my return but I feel so guilty! Dammit. I had to message my sister to justify my purchases. Talk about buyers remorse. I hate that. I'm in love with my purchases almost most of the time but today I was spending as if I was back home in Winnipeg spending like I had no other obligations, financially. Horrible right? It's ok, I'll just keep away from the mall for a while. (We'll see how that turns out.) I change my mind, spending a total of $95 on a jumpsuit, t-shirt, tank top, scarf, ring, and purse all at regular price was a deal. Besides the ring being on sale for $2.98. Not bad, not bad... err.

16 daaaays until I'm home! Wahoo! (I just want to note that I don't miss Winnipeg, I miss the important people unfortunately living there, ha) BUT before I can go home, I have one project and 6 finals to go. Brutal.

the end.

April 12, 2009

Shopping, Food, Movie, Easter

Listening to: Lenka -The Show

I went shopping downtown on Friday around China town, a bit of Kenzington, Queen st and eventually Eaton's Center. I spent a small fraction of my tax return, from filing it the day before at H&R Block. I suggest you go there to file your taxes, they're so friendly! I received a free SPC card and a debit card with my tax return money on the spot. Doesn't get better than that!
I've been pretty good with my money when it comes to e
ating out. I'll enjoy a coffee and some sort of snack but most of the time I've been good at saving my money and keeping the craving to a minumum. (Being at school is totally different, damn you $3 pizza slices!) But I did cook my favourtite Vermacelli noodle salad yesterday night before staying in and watching a late night movie, Step Brothers (ha, awesome).
I haven't been to the theatres siince December, I'm deprived. But I've been keeping up with my weekly dosage of Gossip Girl...intense my friend, intense. Back in Winnipeg, I was at the theatres at least twice a week. No jokes friend, I am a movie lover. My standards aren't that high, honestly if the trailors are good, I'm psyched to go watch it. (sad)

st three more Sunday mornings without my sister! I'm so psyched kiddies. I'm so used to waking up knowing that no one's home, but I'm okay with it, it took awhile to get to used to it though.
No Church...
No Easter Dinner...
No Easter bunny...
HELLA shit load of candy, not good! My dentist is in Winnipeg and my check up is in May. Not good at all.

(I was the Easter bunny at the Fort Garry Hotel Last year, haha good times.)

Back to homework...bah...

April 08, 2009

Trashy Fashion

Listening to: Sugar Ray - Fly

It's Earth Week... Shirmah entered a fashion show that required her to design any choice of garment that is made out of recyclable materials. Pretty amazing how Shirmah manages her time having 7 courses with projects and tests every week. Insane son. The dress that was made out of newspapers and cans with a fitted paper-mashey corset. I acted as Shirmah's assistant, Erin as the photographer and Shelby modeled her design and walked the runway. Though the event was a little disorganized it was fun and Shirmah scored a gig at the graduating classes fashion show in 2 weeks to show her deisgn. Go Shirmah! *Ye-yeah! (ha) We celebrated with pizza for lunch...mmmm. Toodles.

April 06, 2009

Nasty Monday Morning

Listening to: Brook Fraser-Scarlet

I suppose listening to that sing doesn't help. This weather, oh boy, go away! Rain, snow and wind. Brrr.
I eventually went to Dixie Mall yesterday which was interesting. It was packed like any mall, and being a discount mall of course it was even worse. I picked up somethings from dollorama (kitchen goods, I'm lame.) and just looked around the rest of the mall, it was hot and the smell was unpleasant, until you get to the food court, you become overwhelmed with the smell of Chinese food and NY fries, mmmm. :) So when I bussed home, my bus stop had a Burger King right beside it, so I treated myself to a whopper and I bought salt and vinegar chips at the dollorama. When I got home, I horcked it all down. No regrets! Until, I got a stomoach ache 20 minutes after. I would do it again and again if I could, well once a week, or every 2 weeks is good. Yumm. I highly suggest you try it today, friend.

OH, I forgot to mention about my ridiculously wicked purchase at some outlet store at Dixie Mall. It's this white creamy polyester tunic with a boat neckline and wingbat arms that was hand beaded all over! As in the garement was 3 pounds or so because of the beading, it's so beautiful. At first I bought it because I thought my mom would love it. She's in that phase where the more bedazzle the better. I tried it on at home, and I belted the tunic with a cream coloured belt and I fell in love. It's mine! (ha) I'll show it to my mom first, if she doesn't like it, I'll take it! It's by Simon Chang, a Canadian designer, it retails for $375 but I bought it for ...get this... $9.99 (ha) I don't even know. And don't assume it's ugly just because it was dirt cheap. The craftmanship is beautiful and for the detailing and fit, the price was a steal. Jealous yet? I knew it. =P

TO CHARISSE: Hey friend, I hope you got my message early this morning, I was responding through my blackberry during te bus ride. Sorry if it doesn't make sense.

the end.

April 05, 2009

Sunday Morning

On Repeat: Brook Fraser - Scarlet

It`s a beautiful sunny day, I`m thinking of going down to Dixie Mall (cheap outlet mall in Mississauga), then again I have zero dollars. I`m debating if I should just peruse around downtown with music and coffee. I`m cool. Haha. No really, I have nothing in mind to purchase but knowing me, if I fall in love with something on the way I wouldn`t be able to stop thinking about it. My sister gave me the suggestion of leaving my cards at home and I have been successful in leaving all my master cards behind but my debit card is just as important as my cell phone. Although I am proud to say I have been successfully playing with my existing wardrobe to make new looks that I have never put together before. I`m thinking of doing that 30day challenge like "public personae`s" fashion blog. I think I should "seize the day" because tomorrow is a mix of rain and snow. Brutal. I've already had my eggo waffles and orange juice. I think it's a start of a great day. Toodles.

April 04, 2009

Exercise or Study?

I know I should be doing some homework but I have all day tomorrow anyway. Dennis, I know you check this daily so this is for you! (Ha) Since I have this huge apartment to myself before my sister moves in, I should be exercising, as my brother suggest. Yoga perhaps? Meh. Maybe Pilatte's? Tried it last summer, I got bored, sore but bored. Dennis says to dance, easy for you boy, you were born a dancer. As much as I envy you and how supportive you are when it comes to me wanting to dance as good as you do, it's a fail for me. (ha) But once again, since I have so much room, should I watch some youtube videos and learn steps? Haha. I wish, but I do love this piece.


I like to think I'm the far right dancer in white. (ha) Teach me Den!
What I miss most about Winnipeg is what I'm not getting here in Toronto. In Winnipeg everyone (everyone being my circle of friends) is so into dance, the hip hop dance scene is just blowing up in Winnipeg. I was never a part of it but there's so many people that I know who are. And to mention that every dance group is trying to recruit Dennis. *woot-woot! Haha, you know how good you are Den! He's busy doing choreo for one debut and on to the next; thought you were done Mr.30 debuts.

Wow. I miss you.

First Photoshoot

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." -Coco Chanel

So, if you read my previous post, I mentioned that Saturday was going to be an ambitious day, and my friend, it was! And still is, because I still have homework to do. Anyways, I've met many talented people in Toronto already be it at school, work and even when I volunteered at LG fashion week. It's so amazing to be surrounded with individuals who are just as passionate about the industry I love so much. I met my friend Shirmah during the first couple weeks of school and right off the bat I noticed her amazing eyes. Shirmah previously worked in cosmetics for Lancome and not only does she have an eye for colour but she also constructs her own clothing. The second friend I met a little after Shirmah is Shelby, a shy and rather tall beauty. A couple of friends of mine were walking around campus and noticed some art work in the hallway, where we noticed a painting that looked like our friend Shelby. Low and behold, it was painted by Shelby and won first prize in the competition. Sneaky girl, but very modest. And so, the three of us came together and thought about putting a portfolio together with the help of one another. Shirmah, talented in cosmetic arts, Shelby, with an eye for photopraphy, and myself, to style.

Our first photoshoot, and it turned out pretty good. Here
are some of the shots we took today. We had a total of 12 looks, 4 each. These are my favourites. We didn't have a theme, we just expreimented today and pulled our favourite looks. Clothing and accessories is a compliation of all our wardrobes. Photos were shot in my apartment. Enjoy!

And a little extra, just cause it's my blog.
haha. Everything I'm wearing is my own except for the scarf I'm wearing in the second photo, which is Shelby's. (I might steal it from you.) We all decided that it's time to play dress up much more at school. I think this would be a fabulous idea seeing as we are fashion students, it's just that 8am classes are brutal and sometimes I just can't be bothered to wake up early enough to get dressed. It takes me an hour to get to school, why would I wake up at 5am to get ready when I can wake up 30 min before my bus comes? Ok, so these are all excuses. Shuttup. I'm religously checking the weather channel for a sunny warm day to poruse around downtown with some friends and take pictures. Damn wind.

April 03, 2009

See you soon...

Picture 1: This time I'm taking you with me, sister! :)
Picture 2: I found this old picture of Dennis, Renyl and Nicky-boy. I miss the boy's night outs; wings and strawberry daiquiries!
Picture 3: Sheils, Chareeazy, and Joy. Can't forget the fellas...miss you!

(haha I just noticed how funny the last picture was, Sha naynay has the most awkward pose, Chareeazy still has the grills and joy looks psycho, which I'm sure was intentional at the time, and I had blond streaks...)

Counting Down

Tomorrow will mark 3 months that I haven't seen my family since moving out here. Don't get me wrong, I love it here, but being away from home this long has been a challenge. I moved out of my apartment unit to the bigger one beside me about 2 weeks ago, so same building but a different unit. Since my last neighbor had a dog and being a smoker, she left the apartment smelling like smoke and wet dog. So my landlord put up an air freshener that has the scent of vanilla. Now back home my mom became almost obsessed with those Air Wick automatic re-fresheners, and so my house always smelt like vanilla which I never appreciated, the scent was too sweet. But now that I've been away from home so long, I'm loving the smell because it's so welcoming.

I've already purchased my plane ticket to Winnipeg. My parents want to throw a massive bbq party the weekend I come home, mmm...food. As much as I love family parties, I'm just so down to have the usual sushi and a movie. Occasionally if the movie doesn't end so late, game boards follow right after. Haha, so lame, I love it. I'M SO PSYCHED TO GO HOME! :)

(Photo taken from http://www.publicpersonae.com/blog/ <----- awesome fashion blog!!)

TopShop: Topshop is THE fashion destination on the UK high street. With more than 300 stores across the UK, the brand has become a fashion phenomenon. Attracting awards and headlines alike, Topshop has become synonymous with cutting edge fashion at affordable prices. The brand has formed partnerships with many of the major names in UK fashion, the most recent being the Kate Moss range that launched in summer 2007.

Since TopShop opened up in New York yesterday I was interested in finding out if TopShop would grace Canada any time soon. I googled it and
found this: "Asked when Topshop will be opening in Canada, Sir Philip Green, owner of the megachain that has some 2,000 stores in 30 countries, replied: “Six to nine months.” GAAAH, how wonderful! There weren't any details as to where, but I'm guessing Eaton's center. If that's the case, I might have to start printing out my resignation to Aritzia. Kidding...

I can't wait for tomorrow; Saturday calls for an ambitious day...I'll give you the details on Sunday. :)