March 24, 2009

Hurry Summer...

I can NOT wait to go home in May! I miss my family so much it's motivating me to work so much harder at school. AND my sister is moving here in May once I come back for my second semester, wicked deals, that means breakfast, lunch and dinner, not just soup, soup and left over soup. GO SODIUM! (Thumbs up.)

Ok, 3 things.
1. Sorry for not posting more LG fashion photos, they're all in my phone, it'll be a while.
2. I just recently moved in my apartment, so same building but different unit, THE "penthouse". (ha) Well, it's twice the size of my old apartment and has a balcony, the lake slightly visible (ok, the view is crap.) But summer nights, my friend, equals bbq's and margaritas! (Bring the bbq pit, I don't have one, I'll provide the alcohol.)
3. It's that time of the year when I'm getting sick. (cross-fingers, hopefully not.) I'm sure this is common for many but I get sick every time when seasons change, I don't remember if I ever dodged this? This is not good #1, who likes getting sick right? #2, I don't have a doctor in Toronto. And most importantly #3, living alone means no one can cook soup and care for me :( How tragic.

ENOUGH of this ranting please.
I've been reading this book by Nina Garcia "The Black Book of Style" and it's so inspiring. I suggest you pick it up and give it a quick look through, then purchase. (ha) But seriously, it's great; visually appealing, hard cover and fun to read. Hello, it's written by the gorgeous Nina! Aka - Fashion Director at Marie Claire, she use to be the Fashion Director at ELLE , eventually the Editor-at-Large for ELLE and judge for Project Runway. This book came out awhile ago but now that I've decided to go into wardrobe styling (I declared it to the world!) I thought it would be a great read. I want to become an image coordinator by wardrobing and styling photo shoots, for NASTYGAL perhaps!! DREAM DREAM... this book doesnt tell you how to be a stylist but more really knowing yourself, and styling for your body, and avoid being that fashion victom. Yikes.

Ok, back to my essay, I fear that my formal essays are turning into blog passages. :(

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