March 15, 2009

I'm moving to Cali

I found my dream job! I want to work for NastyGal!

Nasty Gal started in 2006 and sells vintage one of a kind pieces only online!
AND just recently, opened their first US store in Berkeley, California.
Gah, heaven.

I was creeping around the website and noticed that they had a blog as well. One of the posts was actually about hiring a stylist intern or assistant, and I died. I'm so in love with this company. Groovy chicks and vintage clothes all day long, how could I not fall in love? Bah! I would completely move to California in a heart beat to be part of this team! Hire me Sophia! (ha) I'm totally looking forward to photostyling in January as my final project for school. Woot-woot, actually I'm thinking of doing it now; to create a portfolio. Seeking hair/makeup, model and photographers! :) I think it's in the bag, I just need to get this going.

I am so psyched for summer and to grow my hair, cause when it's warm, my wardrobe goes through 'show and tell'.

Wow, I'm feeling inspired. I cannot wait to get started on a fashion portfolio.

Nasty Gal; Hire me!

A massive playground of dress up!!

1 comment:

rumtum said...

hahah oh wena poo just finished reading the last couple posts. sounds like a canadian version of whitney you is! lol =P

can't wait to see you again and see how mother dear reacts to your recent fashion expression *lip ring cough*

you always sound tired. poor wena poo. let's get the chowchow to cheer you up!