April 21, 2009

2 hrs of sunlight

Listening to: Mims - Move
(thanks to den)

Weekend: I attended the graduate's fashion show at the Phoenix Concert Hall downtown on Thursday with Shirmah (showcase her design) and Shelby (the model). Of course I was able to tag along as the assistant to help style, thx shirmy. At the end of our second yearr we have to choose between Photo Styling or Fashion Show and this event discouraged me to ever touch that course. I suppose the event itself was boring and way too stressful. I'm definitely set on Photo Styling for my final year. The next day I had to write an essay on Friday (boring) but strolled downtown because it was so beautiful out with a friend. When the sun's out, short-shorts and even shorter skirts come out to play. As for me, I kept it casual, but cool. Duh. Ha. I sported a lavender blazer with a grey tee shirt, sheeny leggings and gladiators. Comfort at its finest, if I could I would repeat that outfit 3 times a week. (maybe not, I get bored easily).

Remember I mentioned that I applied for an intern position, assisting the stylists at Chatelaine? Well on Friday I recieved an email and I landed an interview with Chatelaine interning as a stylist. I thought it wasn't a big deal in the beginning but as I researched more and more about the publication and the position, I want this so badly! Especially since their sister publication is with Flare. Chatelaine is definintely not a magazine I read but I've studied the last issue. Now, tell me all that you know about Chatelaine! I have an exam on Thursday and my interview is this Friday. I haven't even touched my class notes, I'm dedicated on this gig. xx wish me luck. ^-^

continuing with the weekend: a couple of friends stayed over at my friends place to do our second amatuer photo shoot to get our portfolio going. This time I was completely behind the scenes and we just shot the Shirmah (make up artist) and Shelby (model, artist extrordinaire) as Erin photographed and I styled. Photo's soon to be posted. Stay tuned kiddies. This time we had a theme! Grungy kids on a Sunday.

Weekday: monday was a field trip to the Danier Leather, corporate office. It was pretty insightful and we actually got to see the whole operation from conception, production to in store. Pretty cool. Everyone wore leather. Awesome. Ha. I just want to slap my self for not using my 50% at Aritzia (where I am employed) to get that leather Mackage jacket. Bah. Idiot.

Today: Ew. The weather is dreadfully gloomy and actually inspiring. I'm thinking of staying in and after studying, do some crafts. (yeah, I'm cool) Even though it's sunny now, in about 2 hours or so, it'll be cloudy and raining for the rest of the day all the way up until Wednesday evening. Thursday and continuing on to the weekend will be so beautiful! Time to spend some money. Ha. This friday is +23, can you beleive that? Wahoo, summer is here...

ps: I'm going home next week! :)

the end.

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