April 03, 2009

Counting Down

Tomorrow will mark 3 months that I haven't seen my family since moving out here. Don't get me wrong, I love it here, but being away from home this long has been a challenge. I moved out of my apartment unit to the bigger one beside me about 2 weeks ago, so same building but a different unit. Since my last neighbor had a dog and being a smoker, she left the apartment smelling like smoke and wet dog. So my landlord put up an air freshener that has the scent of vanilla. Now back home my mom became almost obsessed with those Air Wick automatic re-fresheners, and so my house always smelt like vanilla which I never appreciated, the scent was too sweet. But now that I've been away from home so long, I'm loving the smell because it's so welcoming.

I've already purchased my plane ticket to Winnipeg. My parents want to throw a massive bbq party the weekend I come home, mmm...food. As much as I love family parties, I'm just so down to have the usual sushi and a movie. Occasionally if the movie doesn't end so late, game boards follow right after. Haha, so lame, I love it. I'M SO PSYCHED TO GO HOME! :)

(Photo taken from http://www.publicpersonae.com/blog/ <----- awesome fashion blog!!)

TopShop: Topshop is THE fashion destination on the UK high street. With more than 300 stores across the UK, the brand has become a fashion phenomenon. Attracting awards and headlines alike, Topshop has become synonymous with cutting edge fashion at affordable prices. The brand has formed partnerships with many of the major names in UK fashion, the most recent being the Kate Moss range that launched in summer 2007.

Since TopShop opened up in New York yesterday I was interested in finding out if TopShop would grace Canada any time soon. I googled it and
found this: "Asked when Topshop will be opening in Canada, Sir Philip Green, owner of the megachain that has some 2,000 stores in 30 countries, replied: “Six to nine months.” GAAAH, how wonderful! There weren't any details as to where, but I'm guessing Eaton's center. If that's the case, I might have to start printing out my resignation to Aritzia. Kidding...

I can't wait for tomorrow; Saturday calls for an ambitious day...I'll give you the details on Sunday. :)

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