May 25, 2009

FCUK Meets Military

Boo. I'm sad. I went strolling around downtown on the weekend with my sister looking to make a simple purchase on a new lip stud since the one I had was a wee bit tight. Obviously, being a student I'm broke and I could only oogle the clothes that I had seen. I'm not so much a mall person. I buy a lot of my clothes in vintage shops (ie: your local thrift store or value village), china town and any store that carries black, white, or grey. Anyways, we were walking down Queen st. and walked into French Connection and the first T-stand was a beautiful white asymmetrical buttoned twill military inspired jacket, and I died. I was in love. Even better, it was 40% that weekend off the regular price! 40% off $250 was totally affordable, but reality kicked in and I was not destined for that deal. Credit card perhaps? harhar, but my sister insisted that it was not ment for me (aka-she says it looks bad on me to make me feel better cause I can't afford it, or at least that's what I think she means.) So I tried it on for kicks at the store and cried. Not literally but, died a bit. Oh well. Dennis does come to Toronto next week, I wonder if fcuk does holds? (HA, kidding. Love you.) Well, another good rip care of fcuk. The end.


denbo said...

hahaha good one......... i love you too!

Anonymous said...

cool comparison

rumtum said...

dude it's too much like fort gary's uniform. you know it. i know it. just cuz fcuk came out with it, doesn't mean you need to get it dear sis =P