May 19, 2009

In a Rut

Caution: Ranting, not fashion related.
Bah. School is stressing me out. Seven courses in 3 months? This is inhumane. Also, I'm stressing out about financial nonsense. (it's not nonsense but it's something I shouldn't have to worry about especially since I'm taking seven freaking courses.) Bah!!! On the plus side, I go back to Winnipeg next week! :) Yay! I'm excited, but at the same time I'm going to miss out on 4-6 classes (six classes if I miss three days of school) while I'm away and I return to present and a stupid Humanities test. LAME. Also, I'm unhappy with my current work place and seek new employment. I loved it in Winnipeg, but I feel so displaced when I transferred jobs over here. You always know when your passionate about your work when you can't call it work, you just go to have fun and get paid for it. I miss that kind of passion in work. Anyways, I'm boring you. Back to homework... yippy-fucken-do.

I'm sour. That's all, but this helped.

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