May 16, 2009

It's been too long

It's already May sixteen? I'm surprised myself. It's been great coming back to Toronto since my sister moved in with me. Adventures and REAL dinner with fresh ingredients every day tastes great, this is something I can get use to. Ha. I'm still not giving up my noodles and yes, the eggo waffles are still vital to my morning routine. Eggo waffles and 2 coats of mascara, I'm good.
I've recently faced a financial hurdle with student loan, I know that should be confidential but I think it's good to realize now that I've been living VERY comfortably for four months, now that I have another 4 months until another batch of student loan I think this might be very good for me. I'll actually learn how to budget and be even more handy with what I have in my wardrobe more than ever. At first, it was definitely a new low in my life but I think it'll be ok. I just need to know that it's only 4 months of being extra frugal with my spending. Yesterday I went down town with my sister and a friend. We shopped in Yorkville, aka-the upper east side of New York, and I honestly felt like a kid in a candy store and the only thing I could do was gawk at the beautiful goodies. We went into Holts and I died. I really died. We went upstairs to the second floor and browsed through Chanel and I died. I only see these beautiful garments on the internet and in the magazines. I touched a $6000 Saphire blue sequined Chanel jacket, a $5000 laced tweed Chanel jacket, and the coveted 2.55 Chanel bag. I died. Of course the sales associated took one glance at us at the entrance and kept with there conversation, ignoring us. I didn't care one bit, I completely expected it. I was just happy to be surrounded in CHANEL. Oh dream, dream...

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