June 13, 2009

Give me Fall!

I know summer has only begun, but after coming across this photo of Heidi and Kaisa both from Helsinki, they got me psyched for winter!!! I have this love hate relationship with summer. Experience summer in Winnipeg and you will understand, yeh-yeh there are way hotter and humid areas around the world, but I'm comparing to what I know, and sometimes summer is way too brutal for me. The "love" part is dressing up in cute dresses, all the sandals that hibernated in that dark closet all winter get to peak out and play show and tell and lastly, wearing shades on a daily, instant celebrity! (ha) The bonus is, now that I live in Toronto I'm hoping that it's not as humid. It is now June and since Toronto has a population 14 times the size of Winnipeg, I'm feeling the heat! Street cars are jammed with sticky stinky people. The buses are ok, but when the driver besides to be frugal with AC I melt. The subway is not bad either. Summer has only begun, I wish I could go back to Winnipeg for a bit; road trips or go to the beaches. I'm still rooting for fall!
e: http://www.hel-looks.com

BONUS: I am envious of it all!
Her colour palette is so delicious!

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romelee said...

oohlala reminds me of trendy people in Japan. They're all over this since '95 =P