June 25, 2009

Personal Day off with Elle

I took a personal day off today from school. I worked a late shift and decided it's best that I sleep in and get some rest and a full 8 hour sleep rather than go to school looking disheveled and over worked. No biggie. So I decided to have a WTF Day with my sister. What is that you ask? It's feasting on chocolate, chips, jello and pretty much anything that is a usual no-no. (eating is so last year, haha-kidding)

So while my sister was writing and working on her novels, I was carefully shifting through my US Elle magazine, ritually going straight to Kate Lanphear's style section (my idol) and couldn't get over the wicked looks she pulled for July's issue; metalheads, studs, slashed jeans and glam biker accessories. I think Kate loved doing this editorial because it is exactly how she dresses; black, metal, punk, androgynous, leather bad ass.

I scanned them bad boy pages for you as my gift.

Personal favs: Denim Jacket, Goat Skin Sleeve - Alexander Wang
Silver Icarus ring - Gregg Wolf
Crystal embroidered suede dress - Balmain
Sunglasses - Gucci
Leather and PVC platform booties Rupert Sanderson for Karl Lagerfeld


romelee said...

today was friggin fun! let's do that once a month at least xD

teehee you have a good eye for fashion ;)

Sara said...

I SAW HER IN PARIS!!!!! She was walking into the tent at Tuileries and she was wearing this black dress with chunky netting over it and the YSL pumps with the blue bottoms. Her hair is not as white anymore.