June 07, 2009

what i'm into right now...

1. Golden Spandex Turban - think about it, when you have a bad hair day, throw one of these bad boys on and it's instant chic.
2. 1920's Bob - after studying the history of fashion, specifically the 20's era, I've fallen in love with this hair style. I wish everyone still dressed like the 1920's; flapper dresses, fur shawls, bob hair, chic head pieces and the glamor that brought fun times without consequences. Like when women smoked with telescopic smoke holders and it looked so glamorous not knowing the consequences that would follow.
3. Khaki - I'm really loving khaki right now, I don't wear it myself but I'm seeing a lot of it and it looks so equestrian meets chic city girl.
4. Corset - or the bustier is a hot ticket for me this summer. Especially the floral! I love how this floral corset is mixed in with the vintage high waisted denim.
Love love...

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romelee said...

fashion always sounded like a different language to me lol. but i understood it! you proud? xD