August 25, 2009

Another Shot

Illustration by: Garance Dore

Two weeks left of summer, it makes me wonder where my summer went. Not to say that it was time wasted, it was definitely time well spent. My cousins and parents spent the summer in Toronto with me and my sister, exploring the city and blowing wades of cash, with steel calves from walking and little gadgets here and there to show for it. And now I'm ending my summer with my best friends in town. Two weeks is a hefty amount of time, with little cash flow (think $11.00) I'm sure we'll think of creative things to do. ha.

I didn't sleep very well last night. This whole summer I was searching for an internship for my fall semester. After having the opportunity to interview at a magazine, two interviews at two separate model managements, and one styling agency, I finally bagged one. I was psyched and relieved that I had a placement. Although, I still kept my options open. After a long wait of sending resumes after resumes every night I finally got the email I've been waiting for. Another opportunity to interview at a magazine. *gasp* My interview is today and I cannot stop thinking about how this is another big break I'm being thrown at, or being thrown at me. I want this gig so badly... Either way, it's a win-win. If I bag this, I'm all smiles for life! If I don't I still have the other internship bagged.

I'm doing all that I can to keep that *positive mental attitude*... Wish me luck? ha.


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