September 08, 2009

Back at It

This photo does not represent how I feel about returning to school only after 30 days of summer. LAME. Although this photo does represent how I feel about my internship. HA. So silly. I bagged an internship at a fashion magazine, FLARE! I'm enjoying my placement there, it has been amazing being surrounded my designer clothes, accessories and shoes. Not to brag, but coming from a small town with the only high end store being a Holt Renfrew, and Last Call, it's not everyday that I get to be surrounded by high end luxury pieces. The dream. Ha. Although, my fellow interns are jaded because they've worked for Holts and see this everyday. I promised myself to never be jaded like them and as wide eyed and excited as I am to see a shoe with a red sole, my heart will continue to race!

Today was the first day back to school. Eight months until I graduate, what?! I'm unbelievably extatic! Big plans and big dreams to chase.

Life is good.

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