October 05, 2009

obsession: Tanja London wedges

I discovered Tanja London's shoes from blog browsing once again. I've been having plenty of obsessions lately, but one I cannot ignore are wedged heels. I have this weakness for wedges, it could be because since I can't hack heals (the dream of coveting a precious pair of YSL's is slowly dying) and wedges have more stability, I feel safer? Ha. My mom had a couple pair of wedge sandals from the 70's which were Madrid style, but out of my mother's shoe collection, I always favoured the wedges. Miss you Ma.

HELLO gorgeous, I am so in love... Grad gift? Please don't make me choose!

Tanja S. London


josephine said...

I saw these today, too! where in the world are they available for purchase?

The name's Row. said...

They're insane, right?
Real Swarovski crystals!!

Unfortunately, I checked out the sight for purchase and right now it's only through contact of purchase and in London I believe.

Please prove me wrong, I need a pair!