November 17, 2009


Quick Summary
Currently Reading: Coraline (from my sister's library)
Listening to: Bad Romance, Lady Gaga (on repeat)
Eating: Biscuits and coffee.
Craving: Sam Edelman Zoe boot (since forever)

Warning, the following is a rant and rave. Proceed at your own risk of boredom or simply my woes to be your entertainment for the night.
I'm currently juggling a full time schedule. Did I make it that way? Absolutely. Do I want it that way? I have no other choice. Can't afford to not have one of the three out of my life. My internship at FLARE has been amazing and I've been offered (also, I asked.) an extension for my last semester but at the same time I'm wanting to expand to fashion forecasting. Lucky for me, one of my teachers has the strings to pull me an awesome internship to really understand commercial trend forecasting. Fun! ha. Some people think otherwise. No biggie. And that would be in January, and as greedy as I am, I want both internships while working part time and going to school full time. Do-able? Absolutely. I'll just be so burnt out and I need to kiss ass at work to have the perfect schedule. Pressure is on for my last year and upcoming last semester to do as much as I can while I'm in school. ps: Buying test Thursday; I didn't even touch it. It's ok, because this whole weekend I've been scheduling dates with my couch and laptop watching CSI. Ha. Hey now. We all need a little time away from what we want to do in life, and crime scene investigating is a completely different world. Wow, that was lame. Anyways. Rant is over. I've cleared my head, this helped. Back to the goal. That's the thing, it keeps changing. Is that a good thing?

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sheiLs <3 said...

You can do it..
Put your back into it..

Ha! You can. You'll be rewarded in due time. If only I had your determination!