December 06, 2009

Fall Exam Crunch Time

Listening to: Queen - Under Pressure

Going home early is the only thing that's keeping me going. I have never been more financially challenged in my life. It's a dose of reality that really gets to you when you're lying down at night and thinking about all the debt that's accumulating in addition to holidays just being around the corner. I've been crabby lately and unappreciative of what I have. This whole time I've been feeling pathetic because I don't own "this" or "that"... I've been so materialistic last year that this year has been a complete turn around from the excessive purchases and dinners that I was so accustomed to back home with family, friends and the boyfriend. I want to say I have the right to be materialistic because that's the industry I've chosen, my sister would argue otherwise with some sort of rationing, but I think this is good for me. I've looked at my wardrobe at least 3 or 4 times a night and really picked out what will last within the next couple years in accordance to quality and carry over classics. I think it's been beneficial in finding out what my true uniform is. I always knew it was dark, monochromatic colors, but I'm really looking to invest in quality pieces now, being broke will just not allow it any other way. Although on the bright side, going home will allow me to scower and raid my favourite vintage and second hand stores. Love you dinky Winnipeg.
-so lastly, it's exam time, last week of school with two major projects left to go. I have an intense interview tomorrow and I'm hoping this will lead me to the beginning of a promising career in fashion forecasting. Wish me luck friends**

Have a great weekend and Happy Holidays!

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denbo said...

good luck! i'm rooting for you!