December 14, 2009

Happiness in 48hrs.

48 hours from now...
I am back in my home town.
I would have had the best sleep in my own room and my own bed.
I would have had the biggest breakfast.
I would have been listening to Christmas carols all morning.
I would be getting ready for my sushi date with Dennis. <3>
Now, to face -43 weather.

I have so many expectations coming home! It's just been too long being away from home!! I just finished two finals and I have one more to go tomorrow morning. I have yet to pack but I will get through it tonight. The weather in Toronto has been really strange lately. One week it's freezing, think -10 (I'm such a tool now, I can't hack the brutality of Winnipeg weather) and the next it's +2 out with drizzling rain. 2012 you guys, the world is at an end, so with that said, live life, carpe diem! And always spend for the moment! And that is why I'm poor.
Anyways. My little kitty Batman will be at my friends house for the 3 weeks I'm away, and I'm hoping he'll cope well and meet new little critters.

ps: I found this awhile back and I must mention how much I love her color palette! It's simply delicious. Now if only I could sport pink trousers as well as she can. My hero.

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