January 20, 2010

all in good time

Have you ever heard the saying "you will always go back to what you fell in love with first" in regards to career moves. I'm still on the path to creating one for myself but I've been feeling in a rut lately as to where I would be after I graduate. I think I've been putting more pressure on myself more than anything lately since I'm in my last semester. The reason why I came to Toronto has changed so much last year, but I suppose that's what happens when you get exposed to so much more than you expected. I've met so many young, motivated, ambitious and wonderful people in Toronto that it's difficult not to be inspired by what great things they've done so far. Sure, you meet the jerks and over achievers, but there are also individuals who show real passion and ambition that makes me wonder where I could be headed in 5 months, 8 months or a year from now!! It's always a good thing to question yourself as to where you want to be down the road. At least for me, I panic if I don't have a plan. How about you?

I think our generation is open to so many options and it becomes difficult for us to really choose what the right path is, career wise. Although, at the end of the day you need to be happy with what you're doing and who you are.

So... my goals:
-to graduate in June
and marry rich. (ha.)

love you, you know who you are.

ps: I'm doing a creative on Saturday! Can't wait to show you the results! It'll be awhile until I post it. Toodles.

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