January 17, 2010

Hello twenty-ten

Back in Toronto from spending the holidays back home in Winnipeg. I can't wrap it around my head that I was away for a month! What was I doing exactly? Or what is there to do in Winnipeg? Many things my friend. I spent most of my time hanging out with my cousins, and the boyfriend eating out and getting fat. I can definitely say I over indulged, but I justified the gluttony by reminding myself about my suicide schedule for my last semester with a full time schedule of school, internships and work, when would I find time to eat anything other than noodles and eggo waffles? We ate at our usual places. Craving Chinese food? May I recommend if you are ever in Winnipeg (maybe a concert?) make your way to Huong Pu Restaurant on Pembina and with that I suggest "Spicy Eggplant", it's eggplant with ground beef, ginger and hot sauce. I am now salivating. I also tried out some new restaurants that my cousins were raving about. So like I mentioned, my holidays was all about eating and eating even more.

I intentionally left my laptop behind because I knew if I brought it then I wouldn't have been out as much as I was. But now that I think about it, it would have saved me from scarfing down so much bad food. Well, what's done is done.

So, my last semester! And there's a possibility of a strike. Hoo-fuckin'-rah. They haven't made it official yet, but they definitely voted. We'll find out in the next week or so. And so my dilemma. I was planning to drop my part time job because my last semester is packed as it is and to mention I am financially disabled. (eh?) Do I keep my poorly paid part time job in case my school goes on strike so I can work while the strike goes on? Or do I quite and just cover more intern hours to get as much experience as I can for my last semester? I really want to here the last one from everyone. But to be rational, I should keep it. I think my minds made up.

I have yet to unpack from moving in and coming back home from the holidays. Let's hope I get my act together soon and clean my life up. My new internship starts on Monday! I finally get to dabble in product development, so fun, seriously! And of course I'm keeping Flare twice a week. I'm greedy.

Have a great week!

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