March 30, 2010

words of wisdom

"When you’re young and trying to get noticed, you have to hustle. Put your best foot forward and always be ready for whatever opportunities may come. If you don’t, you’re wasting your time overpaying your landlord, and you might as well move to southern California and get a nice tan. New York is a town full of hungry people, that are brilliantly talented, unique, and determined, who came here with voices that want to be heard, and you have to believe that they’re all working much harder than you are."
Dan Martensen, Photographer

"Being open and pushing myself. I am always open to new ideas, unique ideas and different viewpoints. And the best part is you never know where these ideas come from: I love speaking with everyone, listening to everything and watching it all. I can be inspired by everything from music to art to food. And I am always pushing myself to learn and do something new and embrace what’s next. In the end, isn’t that what fashion should be all about?"
Joe Zee, Creative Director, Elle magazine

"Curiosity. I want to know why designers do what they do, why one suit can cost $4,999 and another costs $49.99, why one designer succeeds and another fails over and over again, why an editor has the power to change fashion, and why people buy so many more clothes than they could possibly need. After 13 years of asking these questions, I’m still curious."
Eric Wilson, Fashion Journalist, The New York Times

"It’s a combination of things. For me, working hard, following my instincts and having really supportive people in my life have all contributed to what I have achieved so far. I lost my father almost four years ago, and that also affected things for me. I really wanted to work hard and make him proud of me, and it also reminded me that life is short. It’s important to spend your time doing the things you love most and living passionately."
Pamela Love, Jewelry Designer


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