April 19, 2010


5 Exams, 1 Project, 16°C Outside: this is not looking good.
I've really done everything to avoid studying and working on my project. What exactly? Beats me, I just know that I've been spending way too much money that I do not have. How come my rants always turns into an issue that deals with money? Dear lord. It's 2am. This can't be good. Anyways, the pressure is on to really brag about something fantastic to my parents when they witness my convocation ceremony in June. I am proud to say that I had a rather interesting and successful (err) interview with an amazing company, but fingers crossed on that one.

So, plans after graduating... I want to travel. I always say that but I think it's time to really commit and save money to just up and leave. Yet again I'm torn because I know I should be working to save money and pay off my student loans *yikes* ... I say you only live once, so spend for the moment. Right? ha. Here I am justifying my purchases and I'm finding myself returning more things than ever before. Rarely do I ever experience buyers remorse, but since I'm spending moolah that I don't have, second thoughts kick in. Like today... a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Days like this, you can't be cooped up! I assured myself I would stroll downtown, sip my Americano and simply, people watch. A free activity. Once again, coffee in one hand and a dangerous loose wallet in the other, I went home with two shirts, hair product, a long jersey dress, and black flats (it was an exchange!!). Horrible right? I think that's what prompted me to sell my preloved clothes. (check it out here!) So here I am, thinking what else I can sell to pay off the bills. ha.

And that above is going to be me starting April 21-April 29.
Well, have a great weekend! I'm going to hustle for the next two weeks... bah.


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xtine: said...

i wouldn't worry about your loans, that stuff can wait - interest is way cheap. pack your bags and travel to your hearts desire. congrats on graduating!