May 03, 2010

for the month of may

For me, May has always been about patio parties, bbq's, Friday night liquor games, dancing your pants off, or in my case making a fool out of myself by attempting to replicate dance moves from Ms. Sunico. (ha) and pretty much everything that summer is supposed to fee like. Back home, there's only two months of summer, and you really have to make the most of it. Time flys and the massive June event has always been The Red River Ex since I was a little girl. Oh, Winnipeg. I miss your simplicity.
I'm excited to share that I'm graduating in June and my whole family is coming to Toronto to cheer me on. Let's hope the auditorium has enough seats. With my family coming in June, I'm not expecting to go home anytime soon. I need to continue to make my mark here and find employment. ha. With school over, I'm interning for the mean time until something fabulous comes around. Until then, I really just want to take the time and enjoy the precious time that I have until work life begins. I've been on the go since moving to Toronto and I feel like now that my schedule is winding down, I can breath and really enjoy what I've accomplished. Breath easy...

Until then, 40 days until the boyfriend is here.
Have a great week everyone!


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Elizabeth Stiletto said...


I saw your comment about Flare Magazine on KnightCat's blog. What school are you graduating from? I'm graduating from George Brown doing an internship too (starting next week). Congrats on Flare; that's where you mentioned ur going right?