March 31, 2011

Night Owl

I cant seem to fall asleep. (I knew picking up that coffee was a bad idea.)
I'm going to make most of my time and share some photo's, not my own but random ones I love. More specifically I wanted to note how much I enjoy this destroyed piano key board. It reminds me of summer back in Winnipeg when my cousins and I would venture off to different neighborhoods to find short cuts to get home and the terrible graffiti that my area had to offer, the suburbs. I miss my cousins, they're the most amazing company at anytime of the day. The visit in April is much anticipated.

With the weather warming up, I've been avoiding the streetcars and walking as much as my feet can tolerate it. There's a bridge near my place that I always cross and I've been thinking a lot about its structure and the weight that it holds on a daily basis. That made me think of the quality and durability of RTW clothing, which makes me think back to buying quality over quantity. I'm still looking to invest in quality pieces that I can get a lot of wear out of. For now, I'm staying away from the evil one-wear pieces that I always gravitate towards. I'm really committing this time.

Image source: welove

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