February 08, 2009

Fashion Sunday

It's called the GSM! Aritzia hosts two fashion shows a year exclusively for its employees to show case Aritzia's new Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter line. How great does that sound!? I'm extremely excited because not only will I be surrounded by fashionistas but there is a reception that follows before the fashion show, which means a lot for a student living on a college budget, FOOD! haha, just kidding, I'm not a charity case.

Anyways, I bet you're thinking "what are you going to wear?" Well my friend, I have a new muse and a new fan of a certain power house women in the fashion industry. Let me introduce Kate Lanphear. She is the senior fashion and style editore of American's Elle magazine. She is a BIG DEAL my friends, major. She is amazing and my new idol, good bye Agyness Dean, hello Kate! :)

Have you seen a trend in my idols? Blonde, short haired, stick thin, androgynous chicks. Haha, I am neither blonde or stick thin, but I'm pretty androgynous most of the time mixed in with a feminine accessory. That's me. So, I'll post up a picture of what I will be wearing at the Aritzia Spring/Summer 09 fashion show later on tonight...stay tuned kiddies. haha (lame)

UPDATE: sorry
for the slow ass post. Busy bee with exams, that's me.
-simple white cotton cardigan, Mariposa. (ew, but it did the job)
-grey beater with black over sized rosettes from Old Navy
-silver studded black slim belt from Zara
-black cotton tulip skirt with exposed industrial zipper, Talula
-black leggings from Aritzia
-black built in heel fringed ankle booties from China town
-chain link black leather purse, vintage

The color palette is completely inspired by miss Kate Lanphear.

The end.


rumtum said...

haha i'm surprised it took this long to finally post something fashion related. kate looks like agness sir -_-^ i see no diff dude. that'd be funny if i end up androgynous too when i move o.o

Rowrow said...

Fashion related, finally! I know friend!

I love Kate Lanphear!

I will make you over when you move here!