March 01, 2009

Why a career in Fashion?

(i just felt I had to write down my purpose on paper, now I want to share it.)

I studied linguistics for 2 years and never grasped any knowledge about what the subject was about. It was information in one ear and out the next. I switched to marketing which was much more exciting because it deals with current events, products and images. And that’s when I thought about my love for fashion and clothing.

I truly believe I was blind in my other life because I touch and feel clothing as if it’s the only way I know how to identify them; it’s in my past life that fashion is so familiar to me.

I always thought about having a career that would help the world in some way or other. I felt as if I had to choose a career that would do so. “How can you influence the world?”

I love styling. I love putting clothes together. It’s an art form that an individual can wear. It is the greatest feeling in the world to put together an outfit that represents who you are which makes you stand out from a crowd.

I want to work behind the scenes, styling to create fashion ads. I want to create the looks and that is how I want to influence the world.

February was a busy month, and a short one. I feel cheated out from such a short month for my rent, what can you do? Anyways, this is a fashion spread I made from attending the Aritzia fashion show. I will try my best to post much more often, school's a bitch, but I'm loving my program. Back to studying...

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