March 18, 2009

It's the Middle of Fashion Week

I'm missing Pink Tartan! :(
I am so physically and mentally fatigue from this whole week...
Fashion week has been amazing and everyone is looking so fabulous at these shows.

So far I've seen Barbie by David Dixon (I died), Ula Zukowska, Travis Taddeo, Zoran Dobric and Joeffer Caoc. I was in love with Joeffer's monochromantic plattes and the wool-like structured jackets were to die for! They were amazing!

I missed out on Lundstrom, Bustle, and pretty much all of Wednesday's line up.

It's so amazing to be a part of LG fashion week. It's hard work backstage and setting up the entire event is chaotic inside and out. I don't think people realize the little details and all the labour that it takes to put on a fashion show, I never knew myself. I'm so amazed.

I'm so excited for friday's line up: Evan Biddell, Lucian Matis and
VALETINO!! I can't wait! It's Valentino's exclusive Screening called "The Last Emperor" ... surely this show will be amazing! :) I'll post up some pictures later this week! It's not like I've been carrying around my camera (I wish), but my cellphone has been good to me.

For now, I have this picture that just shows how wild the shows are, MEDIA MADNESS !!I love this industry.

Update from my Miranda Presely encounter:

So, on Saturday I was at Nathan Phillips Square working inside the tents and provided the extra hours of dressing mannequins (which in the end, were not used because they had a different design idea; news paper a-line pleated skirts) and there was this crazy lady, who clearly had prior surgical enhancements, and makeup that has been lasting for days and unwashed; but besides the harsh criticism, this women would not stop yelling at me about how she wanted the fabric to drape properly and look whimsical. OK, so I do as she says and she loves it. Then she trashes the idea because she no longer had the "right vision". LADY! I'm working for free here, and I'm not a designer. It was a great experience, and at the end of it, she appreciated my efforts ans gave me a hug alongside two other volunteers. I spent over 2 hours with her that day playing around with sheer white fabric, tulle, lace and quilted metallic fabric to drape and pin on 10 mannequins, where she continued to insult and criticize our efforts. On Monday I found out who she was, only the Executive Director and Co-founder of Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC), Robin Kay. At least I didn't have to walk her dog like the other volunteers had to.

The end.

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