March 18, 2009

ps: for the love of shoes

I wanted to put up this picture taken by the wickedly cool (like I know him, I wish) Tommy Ton ( worn by Kate Lanphear designed by Stella McCartney.
LOVE LOVE LOVE! Why are you so beautiful?

And just recently, caught my eye, and being a lover of black and white ... obviously I died.
Shoes designed by Gareth Pugh for his 2009 collection; the quality of the picture is foul and does not give the shoes justice, but if you google it (which I know you won't) you can see how amazing and breath taking they are...I died.
Yes I'm into the wedged heel, since I'm a tomboy and can't DO heels, period; unless liquor is involved.
Ok, I'm done for the day, back to homework. bah.

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