March 19, 2009

Model Mayhem ♥♥♥

I met Coco Rocha and Iman today! I have a crush on coco. Love, Love, Love.
Where? LG Fashion Week - When? After the fashion show for Project Runway, Canada. - How? Cause I'm a volunteer! woot.
Iman is ridiculously beautiful in person, I can see why she is a muse to many designers. She just oozes beauty, I just stood there star struck and drooling (ok, no drool) but my eyes were glazed and just so excited to meet someone so internationally known.

ps: I stole their seating labels. (haha, I'm so rad.) Ok, it wasn't stealing, it was to be trashed later anyway.

Coco Rocha is so tall and slender, and with her fire red hair, she looked so fierce with her slicked back hair in a pony tail and straight bangs. Her whole attire was structured and very architecturally inspired, head to toe; with muted colors. But her face and her hair, being a red punch of color was just stunning. What a babe...

(NOT taken from LG fashion week)

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denbo said...

that last paragraph, you made her sound super hot. hahaha
LG fashion week sounds crazy! i know tomorrows gonna be an even bigger blog!!