April 04, 2009

Exercise or Study?

I know I should be doing some homework but I have all day tomorrow anyway. Dennis, I know you check this daily so this is for you! (Ha) Since I have this huge apartment to myself before my sister moves in, I should be exercising, as my brother suggest. Yoga perhaps? Meh. Maybe Pilatte's? Tried it last summer, I got bored, sore but bored. Dennis says to dance, easy for you boy, you were born a dancer. As much as I envy you and how supportive you are when it comes to me wanting to dance as good as you do, it's a fail for me. (ha) But once again, since I have so much room, should I watch some youtube videos and learn steps? Haha. I wish, but I do love this piece.


I like to think I'm the far right dancer in white. (ha) Teach me Den!
What I miss most about Winnipeg is what I'm not getting here in Toronto. In Winnipeg everyone (everyone being my circle of friends) is so into dance, the hip hop dance scene is just blowing up in Winnipeg. I was never a part of it but there's so many people that I know who are. And to mention that every dance group is trying to recruit Dennis. *woot-woot! Haha, you know how good you are Den! He's busy doing choreo for one debut and on to the next; thought you were done Mr.30 debuts.

Wow. I miss you.


denbo said...

i miss you too! and i'm not being recruited!?! haha but when you have time, check out some vids from in the zone 3. it just happened yesterday! i haven't yet checked it out but i will soon! crazy pics by the way!!! i'm so proud of you!

denbo said...

by the way, i added this link to my iphone so i can i see it on the go! whooo hoo