April 28, 2009

Hold Your Breath

Listening to: The Cardigans - Erase/Rewind

If I don't count today and the day I arrive, 2 more days until I go home!
So I received an email about my interview at Chatelaine to intern for the summer, and since my availability did not offer 2-3 full weekdays off, I was not chosen. Boo. It's cool, my schedule would have been ker-azy. Another 7 courses this semester will be hectic. Try to bag the next one. Ice cream made it all better. ha.

Ok, so I feel as if I's done all of my exams now since my last 2 are jokes. Computers, really. Ha, but I'll review it in a bit, aka-the bus ride there tomorrow. And my last exam is Product Knowledge and Sales, her exams are pretty easy, so I'm not too concerned. Although I have one project left, to wardrobe and style a male and female with a $5000 budget, fun right? Not really since it's way too last minute to assign for the last week of school! Ah, who am I to complain when my friend had to go through ridiculous chemistry exams. (love you chareazy)

Sushi, Vermacelli Bowls, Sushi, movies, Sushi ... mmmm can't wait to go home. Miss you! You know who you are! ;)

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