April 27, 2009

Japanese Street Fashion

Japan is where the street fashions at.
Image source: http://www.fashionsnap.com/

One of my favourite Japanese websites to check out street fashion is Fashionsnap! I love how they experiment with silhouette, texture, and colour there. These photos are just some of my current favourites I grabbed from the site. Fashionsnap updates often and though it's not in English, the photo's are enough to make me oogle the site for a good couple of hours. My sister plans on teaching English in Japan in the near future and by the time she goes I would have graduated already. That means, I tag along for the ride. Ha. But seriously, my dream is to shop in the markets of Japan, China and London! I want to see the street fashion centrals and see it all for myself. Dennis promised to take me after I graduate, or New York. I'll take either or. Or both. Ha, I'm horrible. Anyways, I think I love Japanese street fashion so much because they're so daring and they don't seem to conform to any standard look. What they wear today will be current and trendy a year from now. Trendsetters, fo sho. ha. -Toodles.

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