April 06, 2009

Nasty Monday Morning

Listening to: Brook Fraser-Scarlet

I suppose listening to that sing doesn't help. This weather, oh boy, go away! Rain, snow and wind. Brrr.
I eventually went to Dixie Mall yesterday which was interesting. It was packed like any mall, and being a discount mall of course it was even worse. I picked up somethings from dollorama (kitchen goods, I'm lame.) and just looked around the rest of the mall, it was hot and the smell was unpleasant, until you get to the food court, you become overwhelmed with the smell of Chinese food and NY fries, mmmm. :) So when I bussed home, my bus stop had a Burger King right beside it, so I treated myself to a whopper and I bought salt and vinegar chips at the dollorama. When I got home, I horcked it all down. No regrets! Until, I got a stomoach ache 20 minutes after. I would do it again and again if I could, well once a week, or every 2 weeks is good. Yumm. I highly suggest you try it today, friend.

OH, I forgot to mention about my ridiculously wicked purchase at some outlet store at Dixie Mall. It's this white creamy polyester tunic with a boat neckline and wingbat arms that was hand beaded all over! As in the garement was 3 pounds or so because of the beading, it's so beautiful. At first I bought it because I thought my mom would love it. She's in that phase where the more bedazzle the better. I tried it on at home, and I belted the tunic with a cream coloured belt and I fell in love. It's mine! (ha) I'll show it to my mom first, if she doesn't like it, I'll take it! It's by Simon Chang, a Canadian designer, it retails for $375 but I bought it for ...get this... $9.99 (ha) I don't even know. And don't assume it's ugly just because it was dirt cheap. The craftmanship is beautiful and for the detailing and fit, the price was a steal. Jealous yet? I knew it. =P

TO CHARISSE: Hey friend, I hope you got my message early this morning, I was responding through my blackberry during te bus ride. Sorry if it doesn't make sense.

the end.

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rumtum said...

haahha eww beading. dude, you're the only person i know who can find the prettiness in anything ugly =P

j/k. you're good. real good.

can't wait to live with thee! xD