April 08, 2009

Trashy Fashion

Listening to: Sugar Ray - Fly

It's Earth Week... Shirmah entered a fashion show that required her to design any choice of garment that is made out of recyclable materials. Pretty amazing how Shirmah manages her time having 7 courses with projects and tests every week. Insane son. The dress that was made out of newspapers and cans with a fitted paper-mashey corset. I acted as Shirmah's assistant, Erin as the photographer and Shelby modeled her design and walked the runway. Though the event was a little disorganized it was fun and Shirmah scored a gig at the graduating classes fashion show in 2 weeks to show her deisgn. Go Shirmah! *Ye-yeah! (ha) We celebrated with pizza for lunch...mmmm. Toodles.

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