April 15, 2009

Party Mood**

Listening to: Lissie Trullie - She said

After pursuing around refinery29.com (wicked site) I came across a post about Wildfox Couture's new fall 09' lookbook. They're L.A based their line is vintage inspired. I wasn't familure with Wildfox Couture, but I've heard a bit about it before from celebrity "what they wore" columns. Anyways, their lookbook for their fall collection definitely grabbed my attention. Love, love.

Wildfox Couture's fall 09' lookbook was described as:
"what dudes everywhere imagine their fantasy all-girls slumber party to look like: Pretty young things prancing about in sheer tees, seductive thigh-highs, and ultra-red lips, all the while posing for pictures and making merry in bathtubs."

How great is that! ^______^ After looking around the website (http://www.wildfoxc
outure.com/) I'm even more envious of long hair and red lips! (ha) That reminds me! I took the street car home yesterday from shopping downtown and I sat beside this girl who had long beautiful red hair where the ends were curly and she wore this black suede jacket with a rather large cream coloured fur collor, with a floral teared skirt, leggings and combat boots, and to top it off, she had clear pale skin with matt red lips and aviators. I was stunned. It was like she was straight out of lookbook (which I am obsessed with). I wanted to take her picture. I couldn't stop starring. (drool, ha, kidding) OK so back to Wildfox Couture. The photos itself are so incredible, I want to be part of this party that's going down! I am completely obsessed with this one photo. I like to think that my life will look like this everyday once I graduate. Soon enough... ha. Check it out!! :)

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