April 14, 2009

Guilty Splurge(s)

Listening to: Ituana-Waiting in Vain
(her voice makes me sleep...)

So today I went downtown with a couple of friends to continue spending my tax return (ha), I only spent a small fraction of my return but I feel so guilty! Dammit. I had to message my sister to justify my purchases. Talk about buyers remorse. I hate that. I'm in love with my purchases almost most of the time but today I was spending as if I was back home in Winnipeg spending like I had no other obligations, financially. Horrible right? It's ok, I'll just keep away from the mall for a while. (We'll see how that turns out.) I change my mind, spending a total of $95 on a jumpsuit, t-shirt, tank top, scarf, ring, and purse all at regular price was a deal. Besides the ring being on sale for $2.98. Not bad, not bad... err.

16 daaaays until I'm home! Wahoo! (I just want to note that I don't miss Winnipeg, I miss the important people unfortunately living there, ha) BUT before I can go home, I have one project and 6 finals to go. Brutal.

the end.

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denbo said...

hurry home! and yes that song makes me sleepy too.