April 30, 2009


Listening to: Sugar Ray - When it's over

I'M DONE! Semester one is over! :) Isn't it great? I spoiled myself with a couple of purchases at Sherway mall. Err...not good, but I deserve it dammit. (I justified it.) I bought make up and a sweater at AA. I'm a monster.
I'm going home tomorrow! My flight is at 10pm! I'm going to be so restless the whole day. I planned on keeping myself busy by cleaning my whole apartment top down, but when I got home I started and finished. Since it was exam week I trashed my apartment and threw everything around, even the dishes piled up! I had eggo waffles this morning (like every morning) on a cutting board because I didnt have a clean plate. Ha, I'm gross. When I took out the garbage, recycling and compost, seaguls started hovering above me. GAH, living near the lake sucks. Damn seaguls are just going to leave their shit stains on my balcony. I need traps. ha.
I even got a head start on packing and I think I'm nearly finished. How do I keep busy tomorrow?? I need homework! Ew, look what happened to me. After my instense clean up, I was starving and didn't feel like cooking and having to re-do the dishes so I decided on Guru Sushi take out. I walked outside and it was drizzling rain a bit so instead of walking the extra block I stopped at KFC! Horrible. Whatev-I'm content.

Aw, I miss my friends from school already. After seeing them everyday, I'm actually missing them. Ew.

I'm going on a jet plane...


denbo said...

can't wait. i've missed you so much

sheiLs <3 said...



They've followed you =|

Anonymous said...

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