April 26, 2009

T-5 days

Listening to: ladyhawke - my delirium
We play her cd all the time at Aritzia, it's so over played but since I work less than 8 hours a week because of school, I've fallen in love all over again.

T-5 days, not counting today 4 days? :) It's my last weekend alone here in Toronto, I'm bringing my sister back with me, for good. Ha. Exam week will go by really quick. I just have to be prepared for long nights and be reintroduced to my best friend "Rock Star Coffee". Yum. I'm just hoping for good news on Monday but I'm okay if it goes the other way around. Monday calls for 2 exams, wonderful. I'm just excited to get this week done and over with, then I can start packing. There's a party next Saturday for me already, yay bbq! Yay food in general, ha. But I'm sure my family would have set the party with or without me. This Saturday coincidentally is Pacquiao's fight. Bah. Anyways, after a month and a half living alone on the top floor (which was great because I always blasted my music) I finally have a neighbor. She's kind. I don't remember her name, but she'll do. Ha.

I finally bought a denim jacket I'm happy about. It's not the traditional denim Levi's jacket. I love it because it's a very light blue wash with a lot of metal ware, double breasted with an asymmetrical zipper. It's cropped at the waist and so are the arms. Wear it open so the collars can fold over. I love love love it. I'll be sporting it 4 times a week fo sho. ha. I bought it from H&M, though it was out of my budget, I had to get it because it was meant for me, and I still had tax return money left over.
Life is good.


Sheilana said...

MENT for you!?

Honey, spend the left over money for hooked on phonics!

Kidding. Really..!!

www.ettika.com - Fashion fiend, do you approve?! I've always loved bracelets =]

While the family watches the fight..we'll have a bonfire outside! CANNOT wait for your return. I'm sure the ducks are back in the pond waiting for you to disturb their slumber as well <3 ..!!

Rowrow said...

ass. I placed a disclaimer on my first post that I'm not a writer and I'm horrible at grammar and spelling. Boo.


Rowrow said...

ps: i fixed it sri-lee, happy? x.x