April 25, 2009

Weather Forcast: +25

Time to change the page layout :)

Gah, I have to go out and play, it's way to gorgeous out!

I promise I'll study tonight and tomorrow, all day!
Seriously, who stays home in this kind of weather!

ps: Yesterday's interview went so well! Although, my availability is not so accommodating to their current needs. Which sucks because I have 7 courses this summer, which means, I don't know about this one. I'll find out on Monday. Over all it was a great experience, maybe I'll bag the next one. :)

After cleaning and doing laundry this morning, I deserve to enjoy the sun while it's beaming! Toodles.

[update] Now I'm home after experiencing an ugly thunder storm mixed with face punching wind and a smelly bus ride home. Days like this I wish I had my car. When that wind blew across John street and Queen, all of Toronto's garbage literally blew into the air. After seeking shelter under Starbucks, I had sand in my eye and in between my teeth. Not hot. On the plus side, the rain ended by the time I got home and stopped early to get take out at Guru Sushi. I ran home and horked my meal down. Mmmm. I wish I could have tempura and California sushi rolls everyday.

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