September 29, 2009

Craving Chanel!!

Tell me now, who never craves Chanel? Ever since I saw this photo, it's all I've been craving for. I've been so frugal lately (besides the leather jacket I invested in yesterday, ha.) and I feel that this item is incredibly necessary to have, yet I never made the effort to look it up and hunt it down. Alas, I'm waiting on some incoming moolah to blow on some much needed Chanel. "Buying into the dream..." But where do you get such a large compact mirror!!?? Tell me!

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Anonymous said...

hi :)
thats probably not a compact mirror only, im guessing that is a powder foundation compact or 'soleil tan' bronzer of chanel. they also have compact mirrors but those arent that big. and i know that compact mirrors of chanel are even more pricey than foundation compacts lol
so you can search for the powder foundation compact which is named 'double perfection compact' or the bronzer powder. and oh, btw, i lovvved that image youve putten