September 29, 2009

Wishing, Hoping, never ending...

Figured I deserved a break from doing school work, so I treated my self by indulging and feeling even worse about being materialistic. ha. Don't you love fashion?

Fendi, velvet calf bag
Balmain, black leather Perfecto
Proenza Schouler, pouch
Balmain, jacket (when Balmain and Chanel meet)
Luelle, skirt
Viktor & Rolf, jacket
Hussien Chalayan, coat
Lanvin, booties
Marc Jacobs, sweat shirt

How delightful, my midnight snack. How I love you Colette.

1 comment:

romelee said...

fashion is suppposed to make you feel damn good no matter how shitty your day is! screw life by injecting fashion! hahahahahah

ps i am totally buying those boots! come onnnnnnn payday! :D