November 02, 2009

french vogue

Take note how fabulous and fucking amazing they are.
Emmanuelle Alt and Carine Roitfeld

I haven't updated this poor thing in awhile. It seems as if I decided to take my own reading week when other schools have, even though my school wasn't given a reading week. I've been busy with... I can't even recall. My cousin was away for the week and was able to visit home, oh how I miss Winnipeg. I can say that I watched the September Issue twice, once in theaters with my sister (of course I dragged her.) and the second time, thanks for Bryan Boy for his link to the whole documentary! It was just as amazing as the first time I watched it! I still haven't watched Coco Avant Chanel! Boo. Speaking of Chanel, my best friends back home gave me my christmas gift a little early. (thank you, thank you!) It's so beautiful and it's my first Chanel product! Buying into the world of unattainable luxury, although with cosmetic products, I feel like I can still be part of that glamorous world some how. Quatuor Boutons De Chanel, quad eye shadow packaged in this beautiful velvet pouch!!
Love you Charisse!

I'm looking forward to this week, for many reasons.
Have a great week everyone!


Sabrina said...

I know...they are really amazing!

romelee said...

ahhhh wena a big girl now! if only you would finally give in to heels haha <3