November 09, 2009

T-46 days to chirstmas

This is the epitome of what being drunk on Christmas is! Hazy, bright lights and the warmest feeling being with family, friends and the boyfriend :) I can't wait to be home for the holidays. Hot beverages with the girls, strong liqueur with the cousins, sushi dates with dennis, and the best shopping destinations in Winnipeg, Value Village. Honestly, my theory behind why value village in winnipeg is way more amazing and a complete gold mine is legit. The value villages in Toronto suck because they've been robbed and rummaged by all the vintage stores that Winnipeg lacks. So while all the best vintage pieces in Winnipeg are actually still in the value villages is because Winnipeg lacks the number of vintage stores in comparison to Toronto. It's brilliant. As well as, I'm convinced that the immigrants that come to Winnipeg donate all their goods because the majority would like to integrate into the north american culture, so they buy into the american eagle and guess image. I'm just saying. So, I'm psyched to go home to see all my favourite stores, especially VV.
Good night.

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