February 23, 2010

Face Off: Zara v.s Chanel in Clogs

Obvs the mass retailer never wins, but what a damn good replica. So good, I bought a pair.
(dammit...rent's due next week) My reasoning is that I rarely fall in love these days, and when I saw these babies, I was drooling. Strange, mine are open toe...way better. Once clogs came rolling into the fashion room a month or two ago, I honestly was disgusted. Although, once I see a pair in black leather with a wooden heel and with the bonus of a rubberized sole, I was sold. I never really thought I would buy into it but Zara has done it again for me. (the first time would be the inspired Balenciaga bold shoulder blazer I bought from Zara, what a beaut.) I'll prove you wrong Charisse (my bff) that I will sport them outside of the bar!! ha.
What are your thoughts on clogs last season? Do you think it has lasting power?

Chanel $1700.oo-----------------------------------------------------------Zara $159.00


ana said...

damn.. wish i had the same size as you. i'd be ALL over those! i had my eyes on them when you first brought in your other pair. :)

love you ate! ps. i googled your name to find your blog cause i lost the link you gave me (it was on my old laptop :( lol)

Anonymous said...

where can i order a pair ? i live in London and have NOT seen these amazing zara clogs around!!!

great spot!

Anonymous said...

Well... that's interessting but actually i have a hard time visualizing it... wonder how others think about this..

Lovely Laura said...

wauw, they do look the same!

great post!



taliheels said...

wow they are gorgeous-i'd love to wear them - and i'm a guy!

Cynthia said...

I wrote about the Chanel ones last month and said I hoped someone would do some with a strap! Thanks for posting these. I've just put the last pair in Brighton on hold. They're a size larger than I usually wear but hopefully I can make them work.